Computer freezes on bootup when the printer is turned on.

By lori.nazarian ·
Every time my friends printer is on the computer freezes on boot up. You have to turn the printer off in order for the computer to boot up. It is plugged into the computer via USB cord. I have tried updating the printer driver. That didn't work. I have also tried every USB port and still freezes. I also changed the USB cord thinking maybe that was it and that didn't work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Nothing has helped. I have also changed the boot up sequence so the hard drive is first. Anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks

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printer broken?

by balge In reply to Computer freezes on bootu ...

couple questions -
what operating system?
what brand is the printer?
does the printer work at all/does the PC freeze if you plug printer in after boot?
do other USB peripherals work?

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Computer freezes on bootup when the printer is turned on.

by lori.nazarian In reply to printer broken?

The operating system is Windows XP. The brand of the printer is a HP. Yes the printer works. I have to wait for the computer to boot then I plug in the USB cord in for the printer. Otherwise the computer freezes if the printer is plugged in when I turn the computer on. I tried plugging it in the other USB ports and it does the same thing. Thanks for the help.

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by balge In reply to Computer freezes on bootu ...

hm does plugging into hub or direct into PC make any difference?
How many other USB peripherals connected - could be drawing too much power on the ports.
does the PC hang or give an error? Whats happening on screen when it hangs?
Do you have a printer cable ie not USB to try in the printer?
plus as JH said have you looked in BIOS for 'USB emulation' & turn that off

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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer freezes on bootu ...

Check in the BIOS and see if you have USB Emulation. If it is there and it is turned on try turning it off.

Edit: to add that I always power down my printers when they are not in use. Saves a bit on power.

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