Computer Freezes when I try to plug in the USB for my Printer

By whinny4me ·
Hi. I just bought a new printer, as my old faithful of five years *finally* died.

This model is similar to my old one.

My computer is an HP Pavilion a810n
I'm running Window's XP
Plenty of space left on my hard drive, not sure about RAM

The software installed without a hitch, except that when I tried to plug in the USB from the printer to the tower, the computer froze. I had to do a manual shut down. The computer can't even seem to boot up in safe mode when the cable is plugged in, yet starts up fine when it isn't.

Help! I'm usually pretty good with this sort of thing, but this is beyond me.

I do know that I have too many programs pinned to my start-up menu, but don't know how to unpin them. Need help there too.

I'm extremely frustrated. I bought this computer nearly two years ago, and this is the first trouble I've had with it. It hasn't slowed down much, except for at start-up, and again, I believe this is due to having too many programs trying to automatically start. All I'd really like to have pinned to start up is Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, my anti-virus program, and Weatherbug.

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Have you uninstalled the old printer's software yet ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer Freezes when I t ...

If not you'll have to uninstall the new printer software, then uninstall the old printer software, then reboot, THEN install the new printer software afresh. Your USB socket may still be expecting to talk to your old printer.

As for unpinning programs, I assume you meant your START menu (I've never 'pinned' anything to the Startup menu directory.)

Whichever entry you want to remove, right-click it's entry and select 'Unpin from Start menu' from the drop-down dialogue. :)

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Yes I did.

by whinny4me In reply to Have you uninstalled the ...

I uninstalled the old printer software the day it bit the dust. I saw no point in leaving useless software on my hard drive.

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It is likely an issue

by The Scummy One In reply to Computer Freezes when I t ...

in the BIOS. If it will not power up with the USB in, likely the BIOS is set incorrectly for USB devices -- or, your USB card is bad.

Anyway, check the BIOS settings, if they are ok, maybe an upgrade will work (flash).

If the problem remains, then it may be a bad printer. Question, do other USB items in that slot work for powering on?

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Not sure...

by whinny4me In reply to It is likely an issue

the only USB I need is the printer. My modem is ethernet, mouse and keyboard are not the USB type, and my speakers (they are not separate from the monitor) are a direct plug in similar to the port on a portable CD player.

I tried plugging the printer into three different USB slots.

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