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Computer freezes when I try to reinstall windows

By goofybi68 ·
I accidentally removed the windows logon file so I tried to use my system reinstall disk. When the computer starts, the prompts come up and I tell it if I want to reformat etc. then it freezes up. I've gone through the steps many many times and it wont reinstall. What do I do??? The OS is windows 98se on a HP Pavillion

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer freezes when I t ...

Well first things first download the maker of the HDD Testing Utility and test the HDD for potential problems. These normally run off a Floppy so that shouldn't be a problem here.

Then if the HDD is OK replace the CMOS Battery on the M'Board as it is most likely getting flat by now.

Windows 98 doesn't have the Format option you need to run the FDISK option from DOS to prepared the HDD and then reboot and run Format C: to format the HDD so that you can install Win 98SE.

But if you haven't got a recent backup and you want to retain your data you can just reinstall Windows to its original folder on the HDD and it should remove the original OS and reinstall the OS without a problem or you could even install Win 98SE to a different Folder and just copy back across the missing file/s if necessary and then reboot and with the 98SE Boot Floppy in DOS remove the new Windows Folder.

While the HP Recovery CD may have a Formatting Utility on it there is no guarantee that it will actually work particularly if part of Windows is already running as the most likely thing that will happen is that the Installed Version of Windows will prevent the utility from running and removing Windows Critical Files.


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by Blackcurrant In reply to Computer freezes when I t ...


I have come across this before. A friend was trying to use a recovery disk to restore his computer. I tried to run it and it started but just hung. I examined the disk and discovered it had tea-stains on it. I cleaned the disk and everything worked fine.

Make sure your disk is clean.

Also, you say "I tell it if I want to reformat etc" - at which point does the program hang? Does Windows Setup start?

The following assumes you cannot run Windows at all:

You might want to try just booting from a startup disk and choose the option to load the CD drivers. Next, copy the contents of the Win98 folder from the installation CD to your hard drive (it will contain all the .cab files and the setup.exe file). Copy them to a folder named Win98. You can create the folder on your hard drive by typing:

C: <return>
cd\ <return>
md win98

Next type:

Copy x:\win98\*.* c:\win98

where x = the drive letter assigned to your CD drive, and \win98 is the name of the folder containing the Windows 98 setup files.

Then, assuming your PC cannot start Windows, type this at the "A:\" prompt:

sys c:

this will transfer system files to the C: drive, and will allow your PC to boot. Remove the floppy, reboot your PC, and after a very short time you should see a "C:\" prompt. Type the following:

cd\win98 <return>
setup <return>

Like I said above, this assumes your copy of Windows does not run. If you still get any errors after this reject these answers and we will have another go.

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by Intel Inside Me In reply to Computer freezes when I t ...

If the data is not really important than I would suggest you to get Windows XP. It's much easy and you will know not to erase the login file. If that doesn't help then try Windows 2000 pro.

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by Intel Inside Me In reply to

I ment that you should try new Operation System.

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