Computer Freezes when playing a video

By metslinky ·
hey all, a lil prob here...everytime i try to play a video: mainly with Windows Media Player, which is also my online streaming default my computer screen turns on and off like it's blinking and my computer is basically froze till i manage to quit the program or wmp. i just reformated my computer because i thought it was a virus or something but the problem continues, i tried installing Real Player, it worked the first time then started doing the same thing. anyone a lil help?

and another fact that might help i installed a bootleg windows operating system and just installed over it with a real retail bought one.

any help appreciated thx

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Couple things

by Langlier In reply to Computer Freezes when pla ...

1. If you had a nonvalid copy of windows and moved to a legal copy the first thing I would do is backup any important documents, format the hard drive, and install fresh.

2. Likely the problem is coming from one of a few different areas. Video Card drivers, OS issues, Corrupt Windows Media Player, Corrupt Video Codec, Video card malfunction, viruses, malware, sound card problems (not as likely).

If backing up/reinstalling is not an option (at least in the short term) then try installing the latest drivers for video, sound, and chipset. Also you may want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Media Player along with the latest codecs.

Its a place to start but I highly recommend the fresh install.

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