Computer Freezes

By feargus.mcdermott ·
I have an old IBM thinkpad A20m, INtel III, 512 RAM and it has started to freeze like crazy. I recently installed XP SP2 and thats when my woes fact I had just finished writing this earlier and went to hit submit and, hey presto, it froze again..great timing.. Anyway, I've run CHKDSK, to no avail and Speed fan tells me that my ACPI temp is 57..not sure what this means but the little flame beside the temp doesn't inspire confidence. I was wondering if I should get a new HD and whilst this isn't a problem I'm worried that I may begin a spare part purchasing spree that will result in no solution. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with the freezes either..sometimes after 5 mins..other times hours. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all

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Many possible causes

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Computer Freezes

If your ThinkPad is old, the radiator or heat sink (if laptops have one) on the top of the CPU may be clogged up with dust. If the temperature reading 57 means the CPU temperature in centigrade, it should be acceptable in a laptop. The CPU temperature of my 3 year old PC is 49 degrees in a normal room temperature but the PC has a CPU fan and the case has an exhaust fan.

Have you checked how much disk space is free at the moment?

How often do you scan your ThinkPad for viruses and spyware? Spyware often causes PCs to slow down and have all sorts of hickups, especially if there are multiple infections.

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power management

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Computer Freezes

Ifyou are using a laser mouse,get rid of it.Go into the bios and increase the power ,in power management in your bios.

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by feargus.mcdermott In reply to power management

First of all thanks for repsonding to my problem. HD disk space is 40GB and I reformatted yesterday. Using NTL Netguard and ran a spyware check with spybot - picked up a few things. How do I change power management in BIOS and what should I change it to? One thing, dunno if it's worth mentioning is that I found a video driver update on Lenovo's site which I downloaded - no probs since but that could just be coincidence. What do you think? Also, do you think XP SP2 is the problem. Looking at the Thinkpad itslef and it says it was designed for 98. I had been running SP1 on it with no worries so is it possible that it just doesn't like the SP2?

Thanks again guys for your help and advice

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Try this

by d_msg In reply to Computer Freezes

Get in the bios. check the temp, if its too high, open the laptop, clean the fan and put thrmal cream on the cpu then refix the heatsink.


Try to update bios.


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