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computer freezing

By sybilwal ·
I am running xpwindows. And for a long time the computer freezes and I have to press the reset button and it boots back up. I have had the power supply replaced, I today reloaded windows. Since I spend a lot of time at I Won or Gamesville it seems that the freezing happens more often then than when I am at a regular site like this one. However it has frozen up a few minutes after the computer has started. Could this be the motherboard or proccessor or video card? Anyone have experience with this?

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by BFilmFan In reply to computer freezing

Could be your video or your motherboard or CPU. Are the fans running in the system?

When was the last time you opened the case and dusted them out?

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by bigkenny In reply to computer freezing

Its more than likey to be bad ram or your video drivers try swapping the ram and updating the video drivers hope this helps

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to computer freezing

I would check your device manager and see if all your devices are ok... they will have a yellow ! next to it if it has a problem...

But this really sounds like you probably have a ram problem, I would take your ram out and go to some local computer repair place that you trust... and tell them you need to get another stick of ram that is all the same except the manufacturer can be different that doesn't matter...

Put the new stick in and start it up and see how it operates...

also another suggestions is when you start up your computer you should get a prompt to enter the setup, usually pressing del or f1 when you start up will get you there... there should be a menu that will tell you what your temp of your processor is... let the pc run a while and see what that temp gets up to... usually over 140 is too high... it should be around 100 - 120 ish

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by lmayeda In reply to computer freezing

My guess is that IWON and Gamesville has flooded your PC with spyware/malware that is using up all of your resources. To confirm this, with nothing running,immediately after a re-boot, press CTRL/ALT/DEL to get to the Task Manager and click on performance to gauge what your PC's performance is at IDLE. Then run IWON and continue monitoring.
My suggestion is to empty your Internet Temporary files and download either or both Spybot Search and Destroy or Adaware to clean your PC of spyware and run regularly.

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by MMackie esq. In reply to computer freezing

it could well do with overheating, (or ram) for that matter - but anyway, you may need to open your case and check if the fan(s) are plugged in and active, or may be a large dust build up in your'e system which is easily solved by dusting the thing - Or it could be a colossal RAM problem, which you may need to replace

Mathew J. Mackie Esq.

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by Cayapan In reply to computer freezing

I have a very similar problem on my desktop.
The computer is frozen while starting or start up for couple minutes - no longer than 10 miniutes after the power on. The time is variable every time.

I tried to switch the CPU(PIII) and RAM without luck.
Because the video card is integrated on the mother board, so I assume it's a hardware problem on either the motherboard or video card.

The strange thing is I can get into the BISO and just monitor the temperature and voltage of the mother board without being frozen for over hours.

The OS is 2003. I also tried to install Linux, but the computer was frozen while setup.

Any idea?

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by CompZone9 In reply to computer freezing

Please, keep it simple. If it was memory, you would get error messages and the BSOD. Let it boot to windows and leave it alone at the desktop and just wait and move the mouse every few minutes or click on Start just to see if responding. If nothing bad happens, it is NOT a hardware problem most likely. If problems happen when running programs or going to internet, it means it is a software problem most likely (corrupt file(s) or malware). If it freezes while just sitting at the desktop, it is a hardware problem, most likely overheating (check CPU fan clogged with dust/dirt or not turning at all). This will at least give you a starting point as to a hardware or sofware problem.

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