Computer freezing at windows startup screen

By lovin3cats ·
Hi everyone and tysm for reading in advance:)

I have a few year old Dell Dimension 4700 Desktop computer. To start off, I know NOTHING about computers..I'm a nurse, save lives yes? Know what a hard drive even looks like, no. LOL

I keep my computer on daily. I woke up this morning and my mouse cursor(plugged into a usb port and is also a dell mouse)was just frozen on the screen. I restarted a few times, still nothing. After a few restarts, the computer just stopped loading at the windows startup screen, it just freezes up totally.

I did try to read up on some things before I wrote here. I went into safe mode and did a disk defrag, no help. Disk cleanup, no help. Opened up my computer and just cleaned the whole thing inside (which is how I found this site, needed I had no idea how to do that; The fan was FULL of dust, but now clean) Restarted again..still freezing. I'm not sure what steps to take next. I'll give you all the information I can find that I see listed on it (I'm on my laptop right now). If you need any other information please let me know..and errr...please tell me how to obtain it also=/

Microsoft Windows XP
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
Dell Dimension 4700
Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz
2.99 GHz, 1.00 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS

I thank you soooo so much for your help.

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try check disk .

by dev_santana In reply to Computer freezing at wind ...

Hey you can try doing a check disk
start>run>type in cmd
a black console should appear
just type in chkdsk /r
it will tell you "it is in use and cant proceed now would you like to schedule a start up check"? press Y or N
just click on Y & enter.
restart your computer and it should perform the check disk whereby it will have 5 phasses to complete.
It will start up after doing that.
have a go and le'me noe.

you will not lose any data on your machine

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by lovin3cats In reply to try check disk .

Thanks sooo much Dev! I'm doing it as we speak but it's going on about 6 minutes now and it almost seems like its stuck..or grr frozen, but I'm not sure so I'm just going to let it alone and do it's job, hopefully it is doing that LOL. I'm doing it in safemode of course, just seems to be taking long. I'm heading to bed but I'm gonna wake up and tell ya the results in the morning! So Appreciated, I hope this works, cross your fingers

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The fact that you can boot to safe mode

by tintoman In reply to Computer freezing at wind ...

Indicates that this is likely to be a driver isuue in my opinion.
If I were you (assuming the aforementioned check disk doen't cure it) I would disconnect all the peripheral devices from the machine including the usb mouse but leave just the keyboard connected, then try to boot again.
if you still have no joy you might have to start the machine with the windows installation disk and try an in place repair that way
we will of course guide you on how to do that if necessary

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As you can start in Safe Mode this rules out a Hardware problem

by OH Smeg In reply to Computer freezing at wind ...

So you are sort of stuck with a Windows Issue which could be a driver or a Corrupted Registry.

As this has a AC97 Sound Device which isn't supported by Windows as it's not Digitally Signed there are some known problems with this driver that as yet have not been ratified. That may be an issue but I'm not sure that is the problem here.

Post back with the details of the Chkdsk /f if things have not improved as the Dell Recovery Disc doesn't leave you a lot of options.


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by lovin3cats In reply to As you can start in Safe ...

Good morning everyone, and thanks to everyone else that's answered. Well when I went to bed last night, the "chkdsk /r" command was still running, I did end up staying up a while, about an hour, and it was still doing it. I woke up this morning to again, the screen was stuck in the windows startup screen so I'm not sure what happened between now and then.

Should I do it again? Also, someone mentioned a chkdsk /f, which wasn't mentioned previously, should I try that also?

Also I did try unplugging my mouse from the USB port and restarting, still froze

Thanks in advance once again everyone!

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More 2 Hardware

by dev_santana In reply to Hmm...

there are several posibilities lookin at the scenario at this point of time.
-motherboard/hardware issue
-3rd party application/driver issue
-Hdd has un-repairable sectors

its looking more like a hardware issue 2 me.
however if you can try windows repair if you have windows cd.

to narrow down the issue.Think back..!
prior to this issue what changes have you done.
have you instqalled any software/programs/drivers?
added any hardware?
did u do any configuration changes?

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I'm wondering if its something to do with my graphics card

by lovin3cats In reply to More 2 Hardware

there are several posibilities lookin at the scenario at this point of time.
-motherboard/hardware issue
-3rd party application/driver issue
-Hdd has un-repairable sectors

its looking more like a hardware issue 2 me.
however if you can try windows repair if you have windows cd.

to narrow down the issue.Think back..!
prior to this issue what changes have you done.
have you instqalled any software/programs/drivers?
added any hardware?
did u do any configuration changes?

Hi Dev:)

Well, a weird thing that did happen about a week ago is that on my desktop when I restarted it suddenly said that I had new programs installed, and it was my graphics card, driver, something to that fact, I'm so not good at the technical terms. But thing is, I did nothing to make it do that, I promise you I didnt haha! But yes it caught me off guard and I had no idea why it was said that but being that I know nothing...I shrugged it off.

The other thing is, when you told me to do the chkdsk /r command...remember when I said it was just taking a really long time? Well it seemed that the line it was "stuck" at while checking was "agpcpq" I think it was. I had then gone to bed and woke up to a frozen windows startup screen again.

Not sure if this means anything, but yea. So either it means nothing or you're slapping your forehead right now saying "Howwww did she not tell me this!" LOL!

Thank you thank you thank you, you are all a godsend and so appreciated:)

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Well it could be the Video Driver but not the Video Card

by OH Smeg In reply to I'm wondering if its some ...

Grab your Video Install Disc or your Restore Disc and update the Video Driver in Computer Management Device Manager.

There should be a subheading called Display Adapters. If you chose to remove the currently driver and reboot the system yo then can update to the original Video Driver which I'm assuming was working.

Also try running Crap Cleaner over the system just in case there is anything in the Registry that shouldn't be there.

Lets know what happens


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Ok so I'm gonna try..

by lovin3cats In reply to Computer freezing at wind ...

I think I'm just going to reformat my hard drive. Only thing is, now its not even going to the windows screen to freeze. I start it in safe mode and as its loading its now freezing at that line that has "agpCPU.sys" at the end of it, and won't even go into safe mode.

So I put in my windows xp disk and i can't get it to load now to even reformat, so what do I do?

I was playin around a bit and pressed F12 when the comp was rebooting, and i did something called hard drive diagnostics. What came up was
Drive 0 - ST380013as PASS
Drive 1 - No Device
Drive 2 - Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352F - Diagnostic not supported
Drive 3 - No Device

So could anyone help me with reformatting? I'm trying to find information on it now but it's mostly for if the cd actually BOOTS So yea..haha! Thanks so much once again everyone!

K so i did find in my reading that I had to go into setup and change the boot sequence order so that the cd rom drive was first, which I did. Rebooted, safe mode, still freezing at the same spot, if I try to reboot normally, freezes at the windows start up screen. I'm about to pull my hair outta my head

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OK as you have the Boot Order right

by OH Smeg In reply to Ok so I'm gonna try..

You now need to test your Hardware. The Ultimate Boot CD is your best option and you can download it for free from here

Start off with Testing the RAM [Memory] and then for good measure the HDD. While it's most likely OK as it's already been tested doing it again with Seatools will not hurt as this is the Seagate Testing Utility.

As for the message that you got when you where in BIOS and did a test on the HDD's there the screen is telling you that the Drive 0 a Seagate SATA HDD is working correctly and the Samsung DVD Drive can not be tested as there is no Media in it to test.

If the hardware pases every test you can wipe the Seagate SATA Drive with Boot & Nuke available here

This will give you what is effectively a New blank HDD to install to.

The most obvious thing is that you have some Faulty RAM or maybe if some new RAM has been added it's not exactly right and has Timing Issues that is causing the system to fail. Try testing with 1 stick of RAM and if that passes you can try a Install of Windows there. If the system still fails to load post back.


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