Computer gone nuts.. lol

By tntsundancer22 ·

About 2 weeks ago, I started getting an error when I tried to open "Picasso", CBlock err=11. Anyway, in properties, there is no shortcut keys either! And realized many programs are doing the same thing, not coming up and no shortcut keys, nothing! Does anybody have any clues on what could have happened, or what I can do about all this mess? I'v taken out 3 programs already, and it's ridiculous. Oh, on another note, is everybody else having probs getting "images" in g-mail to show up, at least when I would " push show picture " it would, now never, nothing. Agghh! I'm screaming with all this mess. Help???!!

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Your HDD may be on its way to somewhere else

by TobiF In reply to Computer gone nuts.. lol

Do a backup of your data as soon as possible.
Then try to find and run a hard drive test from your HDD vendor. I'm almost sure it will fail and you'll have to replace the drive and reinstall your system.

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Well I do tend to agree with the above answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer gone nuts.. lol

You need to test the HDD with it's Makers Testing Utility. As you didn't mention the Makers Name you can download the required Utility from here

Or the Ultimate Boot CD Available free here

Just make sure that you download the ISO and not click on the add on the page.

Also when you ask a question like this I would suggest that you also add the OS in use as that is important and we have no idea of what you have.

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What OS are u running?

by Goldenbarstewart In reply to Computer gone nuts.. lol

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