computer hangs due to two way radio signal.

By jhondz2001 ·
Good Day to All the Members!!

I have a problem with one of my computers. actually this is the first time i encounter this kind of problem as a technical support. The Brand is IBM netvista.. While conducting a testing of the Unit after Preventive maintenance I use my two way radio to talk to my teammate all of the sudden the unit I'm testing stop working. i can not run any program, the system hangs. So i decide to restart the computer and it boot normally, when i tried to talk to my teammate again over the radio it happens again.. we try it several times and proved that the cause of the hang up is the two way radio. I am about 1 foot away to the computer CPU when it happens. what seems to be the problem? how can i prevent it because the area where the computer reside has a lot of security guard who uses radio to communicate.?

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Start the system up and check if it has a wireless NIC

by Deadly Ernest In reply to computer hangs due to two ...

built in, if it does, go into the service settings and the hardware properties to turn them off and disable it. After that I've no idea what could be doing it.

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No Wireless NIC

by jhondz2001 In reply to Start the system up and c ...

Deadly Ernest,

There is no built-in wireless NIC. the computer has PCI modem,capture card, and AGP video card installed. built in wire lan.

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Is the CPU part of the Centrino family ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to computer hangs due to two ...

If so, the CPU itself is capable of wireless transmission / receiving.

If it is a Centrino, you'll have to disable its wireless capabilities to prevent any further radio traffic interfering with its operation.

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Now why the **** would they design the cpu like that?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Is the CPU part of the Ce ...

what possible benefit do you get from such a capability?

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