Computer hangs right after windows xp logo. Help!

By Nate711 ·
I had restarted because I had installed a bunch of updates. After the computer boot up,smart doctor popped up and started loading. The screen had reverted to a low res and color depth, so I went to properties and changed it and hit apply. Right after I hit apply the computer crashed and went the black screen of death. Now whenever I turn it on it goes to the black screen of death right after the xp logo. It boots fine in safe mode.

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Boot into Safe Mode

by seanferd In reply to Computer hangs right afte ...

and try a lower resolution and/or color depth. It seems that some update may have broken your video driver. Download a fresh driver from the system vendor's site or the graphics card vendor's site. (System vendor first if the graphics card or chipset came with the system.) Install driver.

Also, what is smart doctor?

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failed to load detection driver

by Nate711 In reply to Boot into Safe Mode

I downloaded the driver for my 5770 again, but when I open catalyst and try to reinstall the drivers it says "failed to load detection drivers". When I try to uninstall the drivers the same thing happens but when I press OK it says "Unkown error occured. Please exit catalyst"

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im a idiot

by Nate711 In reply to Computer hangs right afte ...

the reason it was black screen of deathing me was bc i had disk in the dvd drive

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Change boot-order in BIOS

by TobiF In reply to im a idiot

If you want to avoid this way of accidentally getting bad things run on your computer, you may consider changing the boot order in your BIOS. (Later, if you need to boot from disk or USB, you'll obviously have to change the priorities again, but perhaps it's worth it?

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change settings

by prrethish In reply to Computer hangs right afte ...

boot into safe mode and change the resolution or screen refresh rate

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