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    computer hangs?


    by changchosantos ·

    my computer will hang after about 3 to 5 minutes after booting. i tried reformatting but it stops even at the set up mode. i am using a 1gig RAM on an ecs motherboard p4vmm2 with intel processor 1.7 ghz. video card is nvidia gforce 256. my other computers are working with the specs i have. what could possibly be wrong? where can i troubleshoot and how do i reformat ( it stops when it comes to “starting windows” in the reformat mode) if it hangs even before i can.

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      by changchosantos ·

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      Check the CPU fan.

      by 1bn0 ·

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      Your CPU may be overheating.

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        CPU fan

        by changchosantos ·

        In reply to Check the CPU fan.

        thank you for your reply. may i know which one is the cpu fan? there is a fan at the center of the mothreboard but this is working. however, prior to troubleshooting i detached this because it’s loose. when i removed this metal thing with a plastic fan at the back, the metal (i think) is dirty so i wiped it with tissue and its colot came back. but this didn’t work. it was still hanging. can you help me? thanks

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          problem = overheating CPU

          by .martin. ·

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          the ‘dirt’ that you wiped off was actually thermal compound, the substance which transfurs heat between the CPU and the heatsink (the big metal thing).

          solution is to buy some thermal compund and apply as described here:

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      by sue t ·

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      reseating the memory and running diagnostics on your hard drive.

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        running diagnostics

        by changchosantos ·

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        Hi sue,

        thanks for your reply. how do i run diagnostics when it hangs before i can.. is there another way i can run diagnostics?

        thanks so much.

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      Also test your Memory

      by rob miners ·

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      Go to this site and read the instructions. Save the ISO version of the file.



      Create your CD and test your Memory.

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        testing memory

        by changchosantos ·

        In reply to Also test your Memory

        than you for replying.

        i have not tried your suggestion however, i have tried replacing the memory with my other rams including the one i just bought which is a 1gig kingston ram but all did not work. i will try your links and will revert.

        thank you

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          download the diagnostics

          by sue t ·

          In reply to testing memory

          from the hard drive manufacturer. they should have one that you run from either a cd or floppy. If your computer is not already set to do so you will need to change the boot order in the bios. To get into the bios you normally have to press one of these keys shortly after starting your computer, F2, DEL, if you watch the screen it should tell you what key to press. Run the diagnostics and see what the results are.

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