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    Computer Hardare technician


    by darrylgomes ·

    Is it the thing now to employ computer harware technicians who should know at least one or two programming languages? I worked as a computer hardware technician but don’t know any programming language and find it very difficult to get a job. Any comments? Should I learn a programming language?

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      Computer Hardare technician

      by steve cody ·

      In reply to Computer Hardare technician

      When I was a computer technician, I found that I did not have much use for programming languages in my job. I spent most of my time upgrading systems, doing hardware troubleshooting hardware problems, building new computers, installing software, and troubleshooting software problems.
      One thing I did find useful was a good grasp of DOS. Even with Windows 9x and NT around, I still find that I can do a lot of things quicker at a DOS prompt.
      If you want to look to the future and don’t want to be a hardware technician all of your life, you may want to look into networking. I really feel that networking is where all the fun is. I am a Systems Administrator and manage my company’s network. It is a truly enjoyable job.
      Good luck in your search.
      – Steve

      BTW, you may not get too many responses to this question, considering it’s point value.

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      Computer Hardare technician

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Computer Hardare technician

      I’ve personally never heard of a programming languages requirement for a hardware technician job. What I have seen is a requirement for operating systems knowledge
      (Win9x, MacOS, Unix) to improve the ability to diagnose problems that might be either software or hardware.

      It might be that your lack of a programming language is not the real barrier. Generally, the valued credentials for a hardware technician are the A+ certification and manufacturer’s certifications (e.g. HP, Compaq, etc.).



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