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Computer Hardware Purchase Standard

By ckyong ·
Hi, Can anyone of you share with me if you have got a standard purchase plan for computer hardware ?

Probably I should look into the combination of 2 things ...the level or position of the employee, as well as the the role or job functions.

Example : Traveller should get a light laptop ; technical person should get an advance machine wherelse management should only get a standard spec machine coz they mostly do planning and managing ....

Please share your thought and any of your available standard ?!

Thanks in advance

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Task related approach

by schetty In reply to Computer Hardware Purchas ...

I have approached this by researching the type of tasks that the user does and the programs that the user makes use of and the hardware requirements of these.

Once this is known, then I start looking at the specification of hardware that will satisfy the requirements and raise the specification at least by 20% to 30% for growth.

I find that this approach gives the user a better experience in using technology to accomplish their tasks and provides for a trpouble free environment, plus capacity to retain equipment for more than the prescribed number of years.

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Computer Hardware Purchase Standard

by phoward In reply to Computer Hardware Purchas ...

Domestic Traveler
International Traveler
Desktop User

That was the standard that I had established at my last job. We demo'd 3 manufacturers, picked our favorite, found our standard, and then just stuck with that for all future purchases.

i.e.: Compaq EVO N600, then it went to Compaq EVO N610, etc. etc.

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Agency Wide Approach

by veronica.rivera In reply to Computer Hardware Purchas ...

Depends on the size of your company, staff allocated to research level of positions or job functions etc.

We use an agency wide approach with a 3-4 year rotation cycle.

General User:
-We choose a standard type of pc. Ex: Dell w/3-4 year warranty
-We request 2-loaner pc's in advance, based on specific specs to last the 3-4 years, build our standard image and test
-We then order 1/3 of the staff total worth of computers 2 or 3 times a year. While trying to stay within the same pc family in order to minimize our baseline images.
-We are in the position that we no longer have to worry too much about the job function when assigning new equipment.
-We deploy hardware based on older hardware that have or will fall out of warranty. Therefore, out of the rotation cycle.
-We reserve X amount of pc?s for those higher demanding positions or projects and use as needed or for potential new staff.
-Equipment being returned is prepared for surplus to other agencies or schools.

Power Users:
-We order a higher-class pc.
-Deployed based on power user justification

-Since the cost for laptops is higher than a pc. We?re more conservative here. We upgrade as needed only.
-Deployed based on travel justification
-Users are docked w/no extra monitor. Policy for travelers is laptop or pc but not both.

Our standards have proven to work smoothly.

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