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    computer hardware


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    what is memory

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      Mmm.. I can’t remember ! :^0 …

      by older mycroft ·

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      So it is the diametric opposite of me. 😉

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      Hmmm …

      by bizzo ·

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      A reseller that doesn’t know what memory is?
      Do you work for Currys?

      I went into Currys (sister shop of PC World) to see if they had any laptop memory, I know it was a stupid thing to do, but I was passing so I thought I’d pop in. The conversation went something like this.

      Me: Hi
      Her: Hi
      Me: Do you have any laptop memory?
      Her: Huh?
      Me: Laptop memory? You know, memory you can put in a laptop?
      Her: Oh, I’m not sure, do you want internal or external memory?
      Me: Erm, internal obviously
      Her: We don’t have any internal memory, only external ones, over there.
      I look around to see external hard disks.
      Me: No, sorry, not external hard disks, I need a stick of memory
      Her: Ah. OK. Over there.
      Me: No, they’re flash drives.
      Her: I’ll call our IT person
      Me: OK
      Waits a while
      Him: Hello
      Me: Hi, I’d like some laptop memory please, DDR2 SODIMM memory, please.
      Him: DD what?
      Me: DDR2 SODIMM memory, for a laptop, 1GB.
      Him: Never heard of it, are you sure you don’t mean a flash drive.
      Him: We have a good deal on 4GB drives

      I thank them for their time, and walk away.

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        I was once totally ignored in PC World !! …

        by older mycroft ·

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        There were sales-hungry staff roaming around, constantly picking on innocent shoppers who were simply browsing the shelves and aisles.

        Oddly, wherever I wandered in the store I appeared to take on mystical powers akin to Moses’ parting of the waters. This effect was prefaced by shocked stares from the sales staff, who then rather obviously made haste in the opposite direction, back from whence they came.

        I assumed it had something to do with my carrying a well-worn laptop bag draped from my right shoulder and displaying the TechRepublic logo just above my left man-boob. :^0

        Thanks-be-to-Sonja for the TR man-boob effect. 😉

        Dixon’s was even [b]worse[/b] but of course it closed down last year:

        Here’s a cracking story of Currys ineptitude:

        [i]I’ve often thought that the construction of the DSG (Dixons Stores Group) business strategy was somewhat similar to herding sheep.

        A potential sale (in the form of a hapless human being) steps into a Dixons shop only to be disappointed by their stock/sales staff. Said potential sale then wanders into a nearby outlet of Currys to be greeted by much the same levels of ineptitude, but is perhaps ‘advised’ by one of the staff that there < whispers to customer > “might be a better choice at PC World”.

        Hapless individual goes to PC World and buys something from the same group that he/she has already been in twice.

        DSG comprised of [b]Dixons, Currys, PC World[/b] and I’m led to believe [u]unconfirmed as yet[/u] [b]Comet.[/b]

        So – effectively, whichever route said hapless individual took, they were just being herded like sheep – straight into the same holding pen! 😉

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