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    Computer having trouble turning on and booting


    by thepubear ·

    If I turn it off for any period of time, it will take me several minutes of fiddling with it to get it to turn on again. I mean things like unplugging kb and mouse or turning it off at the power switch.

    However eventually it will boot up and run fine, as evidenced by the fact that I am typing this up on it. Looking at the mobo closey, I noticed one capacitor near the mobo heat sink that was slightly bulging out.

    Seems obvious that the mobo is part of the problem, but I’m curious if i need to replace anything else like the memory or hd. Only card i have is an ide video card. I mean except for occassionally rebooting and having trouble powering on, everything seems fine.

    mobo ASUSTek Computer INC. A8V-E SE 1.XX
    hd ST3808110AS
    video NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT

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      by thepubear ·

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      bad motherboard cap

      by sdrucker ·

      In reply to Computer having trouble turning on and booting

      Most likely, that bulging capacitor is your problem. If you are a hot shot with a soldering iron, you MIGHT replace it, but more likely, a new motherboard will be cheaper than hiring out that repair if you cannot do it yourself.

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        replacing mobo, anything else?

        by thepubear ·

        In reply to bad motherboard cap

        yeah my background is software. My soldering skills aren’t too hot.

        So after I replace the mobo, i’m curious whether it is a necessary/good practice to replace anything else, including the memory. Like is it a good idea to pull the memory out of the old mobo and reuse, or replace it completely.

        I’ve been worried about the hd also, because when I tried to reinstall windows, it tells me it doesn’t have an hd. But when i take out windows xp cd, everything boots up. Course since this was to fix the issue with it just spontaneously rebooting, it may have been caused by the mobo also.

        Never been sure if this was a mobo error or an hd error. So i’m wondering if this indicates that replacing the hd is in order also.

        normally i’d just gut it and replace everything, but money is a little tighter this time around. So I’m asking a few more questions this time.

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          Definitely the mobo

          by ozi eagle ·

          In reply to replacing mobo, anything else?


          The fact that you have a crook capacitor and the computer is displaying those symptoms, which are exactly what I would expect a crook cap to do, shows that that is the problem.

          If you can find a compatible mobo, ie with the same CPU socket and system chips and can take your memory, then that is all you need to replace. The need for the same chips is so that XP will boot when the mobo is replaced. (Though if you can get the computer working and delete all the disk drivers under Device Manager before swapping mobos, you probably don’t need chip compatibility. Don’t reboot after deleting else XP will reload them.)

          You could try patching up your old mobo by wiggling the faulty cap backwards and forwards until the wire leads break and then soldering a new one to the ends left. Not the neatest but it works most of the time.

          Also check other similar caps, because if one is shot the chances are that others are on the way out.


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      If you

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Computer having trouble turning on and booting

      are going to replace the Motherboard, replace the Power Supply (PSU) as well. Don’t go cheap as the cheap ones are inferior. 500-600 Watts should do the trick.

      I consider a new Mobo an investment so I look after my investments.

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        power supply

        by thepubear ·

        In reply to If you

        just put a new power supply in it about a month ago. Does that need to be replaced again?

        i’m guessing from all this that the hd and memory sound like its ok? I.E. y issues all sound like they are caused by the mobo. Guess the only thing i’m really worried about is the memory sticks, since its easy to tell if the hd isn’t working.

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          It should be OK

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to power supply

          if its that new. Just take care when you put it back together and you should be fine. You will need CPU Grease for the CPU. The Golden edge of the Memory Sticks can be cleaned with a white rubber, just remember not to touch those edges. If you have any problems someone here will help you out.

          < just to add >

          That I would try to replace it with an identical Motherboard so that you can reuse everything from the old one.

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          stupid question

          by thepubear ·

          In reply to It should be OK

          ok, its been a loooong time since my apple 2 days. White rubber? Are we talking a regular white rubber eraser? I seem to remember that was what we used back then, and maybe a qtip with rubbing alcohol.

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          Sorry about that

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to stupid question

          I do mean a regular white rubber eraser. We have a tendency to shorten everything over here.

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      Asus is cheap

      by jpesker ·

      In reply to Computer having trouble turning on and booting

      I have had my A8V-E Deluxe go out TWICE, and both times same thing, bulging capacitor next to the North Bridge heatsink. The first one lasted a whole 2 years, and this one lasted about 1 1/2 years. I was looking at MSI and GIGABYTE as now we are in dual core and dual ram country now. One benefit of not owning an ASUS, is solid-state Capacitors, not these ridiculous ones they use. Something i had not even considered before.

      Also I didnt think you could take a hard drive out and put in a new mobo, becuase Windows XP would not work then and you have to do a complete reinstall from scratch. Someone mentioned removing the Hard Drive drivers first before restarting. Please tell me i didnt wipe my hard drive clean a few times back because XP wouldnt boot. I even notice Vista comes on bare OEM hard drives, does this mean we can swap hard drives among different computers now??? Sorry if I am asking a question not related to how much Asus is a cheap mobo maker. I am off to Radio Shack to see if i can find a Capacitor, just what i wanted to do, spend 3 or 4 weeks messing with a bad mobo. Never again Asus. I mean Intel Quad is so fast, have we stopped the debate who is faster, AMD or Intel? We should be asking who makes the better motherboard!!! The rest don’t matter.

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