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By ellia1169 ·
computer repair and upgrading

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by TheChas In reply to computer help

If you have a specific question, please post it in the Q&A forum with details of what you have, and what you wish to accomplish.

Most of us hear can walk you through most repairs and upgrades, IF we know what hardware you have, and what your problem is.


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need help with Windows xp!

by stonewolf3791 In reply to computer help

I just installed Windows xp yesterday and i cant find the right drivers for my sound card. I used win 98 before and had too many problems with it locking up, So I was told to go to windows xp because it is a better os. If any one can help please letme know what to do.

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Make and model

by TheChas In reply to need help with Windows xp ...

To offer any help, we need to know the make and model of your sound card, or at least the sound processor IC on the card.

If the sound IC was made by Aureal, you need a new sound card. They went out of business before they got their W2K drivers to function, and the drivers from Microsoft for the Aureal chips leave a LOT to be desired.

If it is a Creative sound card, you need to determine if it is a retail or OEM card.

Creative offers VERY limited support for OEM cards.
For some Creative cards, you need a XP update file from Creative to get the card to function in XP.


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