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Computer History Pop Quiz

OK, so it's neither easy nor important to remember genuine trivia, such as the derivation of the names "ARPANET" and "Altair." That part of the quiz was strictly for fun.

But really, folks, a whole bunch of you thought that vacuum tubes--the basis of electronics--existed in the 18TH CENTURY? How do you explain the fact that radio--the first electronic technology--wasn't invented until more than 100 years later? Or did you think that Paul Revere went on his famous midnight ride because hisbatteries were dead and the drugstores were closed, so he couldn't warn the colonists that "The British Are Coming" on his WALKIE-TALKIE?

And RAM--random access memory? That would have been a real boon to the factories of the 1700's, which were powered by steam engines and illuminated by torches.

Do the names Thomas Edison and Enrico Fermi ring any bells--the people who took electricity out of the laboratory and tamed it for use in practical devices and appliances? Just a little over ahundred years ago?

The results of this test are really scary! It's hard to believe that just one generation ago people in our profession were often respectfully called "computer scientists."

American schools desperately need to put both science and history back in the curriculum.

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? did I miss something?

by LordInfidel In reply to Computer History Pop Quiz

Was there an article or something that I missed.

I'd be interested in looking at it. I've always known that todays teenage generation are idiots

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Hey, I wanna see the pop quiz!

by admin In reply to Computer History Pop Quiz

Where is\was it?

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by tbragsda In reply to Computer History Pop Quiz

ARPNET- Alien technology. (Reverse engineering)

Altair- Stolen from original developer, my uncle Freed. (He told me so)

Vacuum tube- Don?t get how this got into a tech discussion. Personally, I think most people in the 18th century used brooms.

And, yes everyone knows Fermi. The inventor of Viagra.

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Agree it is scary

by TheChas In reply to Computer History Pop Quiz

I used to believe that the average person has some common sense, and retained some of what they learned in school.

No longer!
What scares me is that this problem can also appear among a group of people who should be educated, and technically literate.

My daughter just dropped her high school chemistry class. It was NOT because of the subject matter. She was able to see from the first class session that it would be an easy A for her, but would not challenge her or add to her knowledge.Out of a class of 30 students (I use the term loosly) she was 1 of 3 who knew what the metric system was!

One of the school-board members in a neighboring school district is leading a drive to change the school districts athletic eligability rules. He claims that requireing athletes to maintain a 2.0 GPA is counter-productive to education, and is causing athletes to drop out of school!

Want further proof, watch the Tonight Show when they have a "Jay-Walking" segment. The gross lack of knowledge among the American people is appalling.

Browse through the Q&A section at Tech-Republic.
Many of the questions, and some of the answers will cause you to think we need to limit who can use a PC.

In my opinion, the answer to this dilema is to provide all students with an incentive to get a high school diploma, and then up the standards to aquire same.
How, make having a high school diploma a prerequisit for getting a drivers license!

Once you create the incentive for ALL students to learn, the teachers will be able to concentrate on teaching, rather than baby-sitting.


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