Computer history question

By jardinier ·
I have just watched a video which someone taped off TV. One of the commercials is about the "latest" computer on sale at a major Sydney retail outlet.

The computer is IBM compatible, has VGA color monitor, single 5 1/4 in floppy drive, and an amazing 20 MB HDD.

Can anyone tell me in which year that was the current technology?

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My Recollection

by TheChas In reply to Computer history question ...

Hi Julian,

I'm thinking late 1988 early 1989 for a system like this to be advertised.

I bought a similar system from a clearance shelf mid 1990.

Come to think about it, for a system to be advertised, it is apt to have been a high end system. So, we could be talking 1987.

From The Chronology of Personal Computers for April 1987,

"IBM unveils its Video Graphics Array (VGA) in its Model 50 and higher of the PS/2 line."


So, systems like you saw would have started appearing in 1987.


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87 or 88

by BFilmFan In reply to My Recollection

I am thinking that it was unveiled in spring of '87, so either late 87 or early 88.

Unless they got one from IBM and gave credit in the credits. Remember Apple saved the world in ID4. (snort)

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Depends on where you was at

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Computer history question ...

But that sounds like an XT286, a beasty I was using in 1987, and it was a fairly new purchase for the company.

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