Computer Hung Up on Windows Splash Screen...suggestions??

By ShevaBeba ·
Ok, I'm going to keep this direct and detailed, yet short as possible. I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-6134. Today I was browsing the updates page on Toshiba and noticed for my model a BIOS update. 'Ok', I figured, 'guess I'll go ahead and do' is what I thought to myself. I had down BIOS updates several times over the close to 2 yrs of having my system and other the nervous jitters I get of doing a the update for the most part I've had no issue.

....until today.

I went about doing the update as I normally do for a BIOS and then kind of let it run its course (stepping away from system to go do some other things around the house)--after the download and install it seem to shutdown normally, so I didn't think anything strange. When I came back I saw my system at the Vista splash screen (I have it set to the aero-like blue/green wave) as I figured it was well on it's way to getting back on to the log-on screen. However, after waiting for about 15 was still stuck there.....20 mins...still there. Needless to say, to make a long story short WELL over I guess 40 or so more minutes later it's still there!

The only light indicators that are on that I notice are the power-related ones (battery, reg. power indictor, and the ac indicator) the other 2 which deal with my ram and hdd/processor (I believe) are not on--at least not at moment. As I said, I stepped away from my computer at point in which my system came back on--so I did see the BIOS jump screen show (I just assumed it did since it was already at the Windows splash screen when I turned). I'm doing my very best not to freak out, and in turn do something rash; so I'm going to ask this: should I turn off my system and turn it back on to see if it boot through? I haven't cut it off yet and I don't really want to if it'll further enhance the issue. But I'm at a lost.....I didn't get any error messages or anything like that so I don't know what to make of it. Any suggestions would be absolutely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if this still works but

by Slayer_ In reply to Computer Hung Up on Windo ...

I know back in 9x you could press the esc key and it would tell you what it was currently doing behind that logo.

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No luck....

by ShevaBeba In reply to Not sure if this still wo ...

Nope.....that didn't seem to do anything.

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I would...

by ---TK--- In reply to No luck....

Kill it... hold down the power button, it doesn't work anyways... might as well reboot and see what kind of errors you get, and go from there...

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Oh my God!

by ShevaBeba In reply to I would...

Thank you soo much, TK!! That did the trick! More importantly you saved me from having a severely house damaging rage freak out, lol. :)

Wth....that had to be strangest thing I've ever had happen! Geez, I never experienced anything like that before. I wonder why in the world would it just hang up like that?

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its not unheard of....

by ---TK--- In reply to Oh my God!

but it does happen after updates... I would guess a driver or a system service causes the system to hang... you could go though the event logs that might give you a little insight of what happened. but odds are you will not get much info from it.

when it happens to me, I just close my eyes, cross my fingers, start praying, and kill it... 60% (ruff guess) of the time it reboots fine... but the other times it takes a little work to get the OS to boot.. Glad to see you didn't get the other 40% :)

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by ShevaBeba In reply to its not unheard of....

"when it happens to me, I just close my eyes, cross my fingers, start praying, and kill it..."

...and man-oh-man, did I do all of those in that order--w/ a particular emphasis on praying harder, lol. I tell you, you don't know how glad I am that I'm not a part of that 40% either

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Ctrl/Alt/Del does nothing? <NT>

by Kenone In reply to Computer Hung Up on Windo ...
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Well, no....

by ShevaBeba In reply to Ctrl/Alt/Del does nothing ...

Unless I could have performed it before Windows fully booted up because where my computer got hung at was at the actual splash screen--it wouldn't even had let me get to the log-on screen or anything. I thought you couldn't use that command unless you was actually within the Windows OS?

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