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Computer infected

By silizani ·
I have windows 2000 installed with Norton Antivirus 2003. The definations are up to date. There is a message that pops up from the task manager which says "your computer is infected". I have scanned with norton a couple of times but no virus is detected. When I click on that message it directs me to a Gold Antivirus websites where snanning options are available. This started after visiting a site on the internet whose name I dont remember anymore. Besides formatting the hard drive is there some software I can use to get over this problem?

Thanks in advance

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by dryflies In reply to Computer infected

you have some adware/spyware installed on your system. The message is correct, your computer is infected with the software that is generating the message. I use three pieces of software to combat this, and another to help prevent it. First download adaware SE personal edition, install it and run it. second, download spybot search and destroy install it and run it. third, download the microsoft anti spyware install it and run it. if these three do not take care of this problem, then it is something more sohpisticated and will have to be researched more thoroughly. look at your browser add-ins and remove any that you have not explicitly allowed. Finally, get zonealarm personal edition and install it. Allow the real time options on spybot search and destroy. just having antivirus is no longer enough, anti spyware and a firewall are essential for any desktop - EVEN THOSE within a corporate firewall.

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by dryflies In reply to

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by dmiles In reply to Computer infected

The message is a banner that comes with Ad Aware or spy ware that flashes on your screen that sends you to another web site to purhase the software.

If you had ignored it,then you would not have been infected,but now that it is installed on your computer use the following utilities AD Aware,Spy Ware and Counter Spy to wipe the system of these pesky pop ups

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by bryant In reply to Computer infected

Sounds like what happened to me. I suspected a virus, but
Norton said I was OK. Then a friend steered me to a spyware
scan and it found 72 programs that were not supposed to be
there. My friend had found over 50, despite the fact that her
husband is a tech guy and swore the machine was clean. One of
the spyware programs on her PC was a key-logger. Her solution
was a service that provides multi-layered enterprise grade
protection that had just become available to individuals and
small businesses. She liked it so much she became an agent. I
jumped in too. As soon as I installed the anti-virus software, it
found that I did have a virus on my computer. Take a look at Run the test and see
what's on your computer that you wouldn't suspect.

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