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Computer Institue Network setup - Urgent

By fnkthompson ·

I am setting up the network for the computer institue I work for. We are discarding the old network and are going for a new network and I have to submit a proposal to the management for review.

For your information there will be 2 Computer Labs with 60 computers in each Lab. The staffroom will have 20 computers. The Accounts department will have 5 computers. All the departments are in the same building with just 2 floors. It will be a wired network. All computers should have access to the Internet. There will be a printer each in the 2 Labs, staffroom & accounts department which has to be shared with their respective network. The Lab computers will run MS Office, Adobe software etc. Likewise the the staffroom and accounts department computers will also have to run MS Office, Adobe software as well as custom accounting software from the server. We will be using Windows Server 2003 and are inclined to use IBM servers due to a partnership. Cost isn't a major issue and the management is willing to spend to set this up rightly in the first place. We have also decided to use PCs rather than thin clients

1. What are the equipments I need for each lab, staff room, account department?

2. What should be the ideal Network Topology for each section and then for the whole LAN?

3. How many servers do we need? Is it necessary to have seperate servers for each lab? Then what about the staff room and accounts department? Do we have to have a seperate server for data? Then for print servers, mail servers etc can we use the same servers or do we need sperate servers (will this be an overkill for this situation)

5. For Internet connection is it better to get the connection to the server and then share it with the departments? What are your thoughts on this?

6. Am I missing out on anything else in setting this up?

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions to me as soon as possible considering I have to prepare the proposal for submission this week.


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is that a homework?

by hendryferdian In reply to Computer Institue Network ...

Looks like a uni assignment....

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No it isn't :-)

by fnkthompson In reply to is that a homework?

After going through several forums for advice I realized that this will come up like this :-)
No it isn't. Our Institute was acquired recently by a new management and I got an unexpected promotion due to it. So this proposal is vital for me.

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So, a Computer Institute which cannot set up a network on its own?

by seanferd In reply to Computer Institue Network ...

This does not bode well.

Apparently, you need 145 computers. And your Office and Adobe software for each.

If you are buying new computers, I highly suggest that Server 2k3 not be used, unless you have no interests in AD and Group Policy settings. Server 2k8 will make a much better fit overall.

You'll need Ethernet cable, routers, and power.

#3: That's up to you. Do you want separate servers for any reason? Depending on how you use the servers, you may want more than one to account for server load and security.

#5 This again depends on how you plan to use servers. Generally, it makes sense for clients to get internet through the server, rather than a router deciding whhich packets go to the server and which to the internet. What roles do you expect your server to perform?

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What are you using the server for?

by NickNielsen In reply to Computer Institue Network ...

If it's only for network authentication, you shouldn't need more than one.

With 60 PCs per lab, I would suggest at least three VLANS: Lab 1, Lab 2, and everything else.

In addition to the PCs and printers, you will also need:

- 3 x 24-port switch
- Server (but only if serving lab applications)

- 24-port switch

- 24-port switch

Server room
- router
-24-port switch
ISP demarc

From what you provide, that's the hardware. Best of luck

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Thank you

by fnkthompson In reply to What are you using the se ...


Thank you everyone for your feedback and help in this matter especially Nick.
After thorough research I did submit the proposal last week. More than technical specs the management was more interested in the benefits of setting up the network, thick / thin client solution etc. So they were satisfied with the proposal and it will be a major help in my career.

They will be going for a professional company to design and setup the network so no worries on whether the network will work :-)

thank you again

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