Computer just stops recognizing slave drive

By kenney.jasond ·
I have never come across this issue before. I have a computer with a slave drive. The Master 40gb and the slave is 40gb. Everything was working fine until one day the computer stops recognizing the slave drive. Nothing has changed in any settings. The bios does not see the drive and of course neither does the OS. But I can feel that the hard drive is on when my hand is place on the drive. The computer is a Compaq Presarios 6000 that has had it's motherboard replaced last year. The OS is Windows XP but at this point, software seems irrelevant. Any ideas?

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According to the Compaq spec for this machine...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer just stops recog ...

The 'Presario 6000' was launched with an 80GB hard drive, so I'm assuming that it's a partition problem rather than a cabling problem with 2 different bits of hardware.

Have you checked in Disk Management? The BIOS is unlikely to 'see' the second partition as it's only interested in hardware.

What was the last thing you were doing before the 'slave' disappeared?

You may have to consider that this 6-year-old drive is beginning to fail. Does this system have SMART reporting in the BIOS? If so, it would be a good idea to enable it, although it might already be too late.

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Correction to the hard drive.

by kenney.jasond In reply to According to the Compaq s ...

You are right that the hard drive is 80GB. This is a completely separate drive. Like I stated, I can hold it in my hand and turn on the computer and hear and feel the power in the drive. The bios is not picking up the drive. Nothing has changed in the computer. I can check to see if there is SMART bios.

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Are you saying

by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer just stops recog ...

that you have a second physical drive connected and it is not being detected in the BIOS. Try another IDE Cable and 4pin power connector. Check again and see if it is detected in the BIOS. The drive may be spinning up but if the controler card is gone then the drive has gone to silcon heaven.

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Another computer

by kenney.jasond In reply to Are you saying

Instead of swapping IDE cables. I attached it to another computer and received the same problem. I think there is a problem with the actual drive itself because it was working just fine. The drive is spinning up I can feelt it but the bios does not detect, in either computer for that matter.

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It won't be cheap

by Jacky Howe In reply to Another computer

to recover the Data but here is a link to a reputable organisation.


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This might sound stupid

by szester112000 In reply to Computer just stops recog ...

But i have ran into this problem before. It ended up being the actuator arm on the hard drive sticking. I bumped mine and it started working again.

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Bumped hard drive

by kenney.jasond In reply to This might sound stupid

I tapped the hard drive with a small hammer and it sounded like the actuator arm was clicking. I tapped it again and the clicking stopped but the computer still did not see the hard drive. I am almost to the point where it is a lost cause. I will now need to find a company that can pull the data off.

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