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Computer keeps restarting

By irma.l ·
I use Win XP Pro, and I can't seem to get anything done. COmputer keeps restarting, I try system restore, computer restarts. I try Norton AV, system restarts. I need help!

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Event Viewer

by Black Panther In reply to Computer keeps restarting

What are the errors in Event viewer if any?

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FIrst thing's first

by Oz_Media In reply to Computer keeps restarting

Shut off the restart on system error feature!

Your system is restarting because it is set by defalt to reboot on system failures. This is why XPdoesn't have the dreaded blue screen of death, it simply reboots instead of showing you an error message to debug, handy isn't it?

Click START>Control Panel>System>Advanced tab|and uncheck the box beside STARTUP AND RECOVERY

Now you will get that good ole BSOD on system error and you can debug easier.

If you want to get more replies you should try posting your question to the Technical Q&A forum, as this is a general discussion forum. Plus you'll get 1000 points when you close the question. (points are not worth anything but hey you get 1000 points!!! and that's a bunch !)

You will most likely get a stop error or error code with a lare number string, just post the first bit and I'll see what I can dig up.

The majority of these issues are related to audio or graphics card driver problems and reinstalling/updating the drivers works.

It could also be a simple power management change in your BIOS.

Good luck,

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