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    Computer Lab


    by ltrumpower ·

    I work for Public School District, which has acquired 70 new imac?s, to set up for a Computer Lab, and a Reading Lab Class. Currently, I am installing most of the applications through the server onto each computer. Reading Lab will have Apple Network Assistant 3.2 installed, would using this be any easier than installing through the server? Isn’t there a way to set up one computer and duplicate this to the rest?

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      Computer Lab

      by tbradley ·

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      I also work for a PSD, and the most valuable tool we own is Symantec corporation’s GHOST.

      It has saved us countless hours, as we have yet to get desktop control over all of cpus’s. I’m not sure what the mac version is called, but I’m positive it’s available.

      Basically, we setup and configure one machine the way we want it, applications, desktop, and printers, then clone an image to the file server.

      Each machine is then imaged from the file server, and if software etc becomes corrupted, a boot disk with a batch file to pull down the image allows even a novice user to restore a standard desktop.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more specific, but I never learned how to spell mac 🙂

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      Computer Lab

      by mikel~t ·

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      My Mac counterpart was just talking to me about a Mac program called Rewind that allows for you to restore a system if it has lost vital components and prevented it from running. I would image you should be able to clone 69 computers off of one that has been totally setup.

      go to and search for some more of the articles about the program.

      i hope this points you in the right direction.


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      Computer Lab

      by ltrumpower ·

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