Computer lags during installation

By jballen ·
Ever since I reinstalled windows,whenever I install any software from a CD, my computer's framerate drops to an almost unusable level, and my audio (music, windows sounds, etc) plays choppy and at half speed. When i say half speed, i mean it's almost like listening to music with the "play speed" option set to .5 instead of 1.0, only it doesn't just apply to music, but every sound my PC makes during installation.

This issue has nothing to do with my hardware; I didn't have this problem the first time I had windows on my PC, and I haven't made any hardware changes since.

I tried reinstalling and reformatting twice, but to no avail, which points to a hardware issue, but like I said, it worked before, and I haven't made any changes.

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Probably not a hardware issue, more likely drivers . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer lags during inst ...

What flavour of Windows are you running?

I'll assume it's XP.

When you finished reinstalling did you install ALL your files from your Drivers/Utilities disc?

After that point, did you go online and update ALL those drivers?

I'm not entirely sure that it is a fault of the machine if you are playing music WHILE installing from CD and the playback starts to break up.

What is the make and model of your system?
How much RAM?
Is the soundcard onboard?

What was the reason for the initial reinstall?

<Edited for afterthought>

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Re: Probably not a hardeware issue, more likely drivers...

by jballen In reply to Probably not a hardware i ...

Forgot to say I was running XP, sorry.

I'm pretty sure I installed all my drivers. Device manager doesn't show anything not installed.

I built the PC myself

CPU: e6750 overclocked to 3.2
2 gigs of ram
realtek onboard sound

As for the reinstall....
My friend gave me an XP disc, but it needed to be activated and I didn't have the key, so after 30 days I went and bought another copy of XP.

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Updating ALL drivers...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Re: Probably not a hardew ...

Your friend's copy of XP would not have worked, even with the key. Presumably it was an XP disc that had already been installed on another machine, therefore by the time you got round to activating it, it would've been too late.

Updating your drivers might help, even if Device Manager shows as A-OK.

Given that there has been the passage-of-time during these reinstalls, it is just possible that a Windows update may be the root cause of your problem. It wouldn't have caused the problem before the reinstalls because it hadn't happened yet!

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I'll try that

by jballen In reply to Updating ALL drivers...

ALright, I'll try that

Thanks for the prompt response =)

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by jballen In reply to I'll try that

Okay, All my drivers are fine.

I can install programs just fine (just takes almost 5 times longer than it used to) except for Bioshock.

It does its usual lag during install thing, except for at the very end i get a cyclic redundancy checks error.

If memory serves me right, crc errors have to do with a bad disc (which I ruled out), bad hardware (which would make sense, as the dvd drive i'm using is a few years old) or bad cables (which I also ruled out).

So I'm going to buy a new dvd drive and see if this helps

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