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    Computer Lessons: Can You Provide Computer Lessons


    by comp1systems ·

    I have been thinking about whether or not it is a good idea
    to offer computer lessons to individuals who have a desire
    to learn how to use a computer. This would include your
    basic identifying the desktop, using Word and other
    Windows applications, how to use the internet and e-mail
    functions, or whatever it was the individual wanted to learn.
    For example, last year I had a co-worker who was
    contemplating applying for a new position, except they
    needed someone who was skilled in Word and Excel. She
    only knew enough to her through but in Word she had not
    quite learned how to set margins, use mail merge, move
    graphics around on a page, or set up a table; and in Excel,
    she did not know how to create a spreadsheet, calculate
    fields, or use some of the other features.

    I taught myself how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and
    Publisher because there was never anyone around to train
    me. I took advantage of free training sessions at temporary
    agencies and made good use of some manuals and how-to
    books I’d picked up from the books store, and now I’m
    teaching myself how to use Adobe Photoshop.

    So my co-worker asked me to show her first how to use
    Excel. I first taught her the basics of creating a
    spreadsheet. Gave her some notes to go by, and she then
    learned how to calculate fields from various parts of the
    spreadsheet, use autosum, and how to use the chart
    function. It was helpful to her because she had never
    gotten a chance to use Excel that way.

    I’ve been called a computer junkie because I zip in and out
    of programs that I’ve been told that I should teach other
    people how to use a computer. So my question is, would it
    make a difference in someone’s life if I shared my skills
    with others in teaching them how to use a computer and
    Windows applications if they desired to learn how to use

    Employers needs are growing in the area of computer
    qualifications. And men and women, young or old who are
    entering or re-entering the workforce are going to be
    required to know some aspects of computer.

    Feedback would be helpful.

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      Should you teach? hmmm

      by mvest12003 ·

      In reply to Computer Lessons: Can You Provide Computer Lessons

      If you can teach people without snapping I’d say go for it. Otherwise teach them the following key: F1. I know some libraries offer introductory computer courses. nothing fancy. just the basics, like using office, email, etc. If you were to teach them it would make them more self-reliant so they wouldn’t bog down help desks or other techies time with questions like “how do i add columns in excel?” and such.

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      Without a doubt

      by antuck ·

      In reply to Computer Lessons: Can You Provide Computer Lessons

      I am asked constantly where someone can get basic training. The answer is no where I know of. I have given this some thought myself. I just don’t know where I would be able to hold classes like this. Also, what would I charge.

      A bigger audience would be older people. They have no knowledge of computers and are looking for someone just to teach the basics.

      I would say that if advertised correctly you would be holding a lot of classes. I do feel there is a big demand for just basic training. Now throw in Word, Excel and other office products and I think you’ll have something.

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      by ozi eagle ·

      In reply to Computer Lessons: Can You Provide Computer Lessons

      Are you thinking of doing the training for your employer as part of your (new) job, or of doing it by yourself, either part time after hours or full time. If by yourself it might be a good idea to do a course something like “training the trainer” to teach you how to best teach.
      Also if you plan to run classes with lots of attendees you will need several computers for them to use.

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