Computer locked down.

By sierkahn ·
I am running windows xp pro sp3 on an HP Compaq dx2450mt computer.

I have been the receipent of a link to a virus/adware removel site that has locked my computer down. I can't even get it to shut down. Does anyone know of any program for a computer elliterant operator that will remove these kinds of programs/links without crashing the rest of the installed programs? Please, help me!!!!

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Well for starters it all depends on how the Infection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer locked down.

Is designed to work. It may be possible to remove it but not gain access to your Data or OS again. Or it could just as easily be easy to remove and not cause any problems.

I would start off with a Rescue Disc to scan and possible clean the system. Currently TR has a very interesting Article on these it's here for you to get a better understanding on how these things work.;leftCol


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Can also give it a kick in the teeth

by NexS In reply to Well for starters it all ...

IE: hard reset - pull the plug.
Boot up in safe mode and run one of many free anti malware/virus scanning software and see how you go.

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Thanks, Problem solved...

by sierkahn In reply to Can also give it a kick i ...

Thanks NexS. Your post was one that I hadn't thought to try. I just figuared that if I couldn't get onto my computer the normal way then nothing would work. Good suggestion and I will try to remember if I get into this kind of mess again.... Thanks EB.

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Not a problem

by NexS In reply to Thanks, Problem solved...
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Rescue Disc

by sierkahn In reply to Well for starters it all ...

I downed the F-Secure Rescue disk after I poster my problem on the site and I ran it and it seems to have cleaned the problem up. At least it allower me to get on the computer and find the offending program and uninstall it and delete all of it's files. I am also going to download the AVG and Avira programs and make cd' of them so if this happens again, I'll have something to take care of it. Thanks for your assistance...

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While they are good Utilities

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Rescue Disc

They do require regular updates so if you where to make one now it may not clean up systems in a week time or longer as new infections get released.

There is also the possibility that cleaning a infection can corrupt the OS and prevent it booting again. You really need to get yourself some OS install Disc's at the very least.


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OS Disk

by sierkahn In reply to While they are good Utili ...

Thanks for the suggestion Smeg; I do have a set of install disk for the operating system also a back up of the whole drive. It is just irksome as h### to have a site you visit or a download or even an email put something like that on any computer.

I don't think their program could be verygood or else they wouldn't have to resort to such underhanded methods to sell it. EB.

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