Computer locking up

By limpgimp ·
Well this will be the 4th forum I've posted on lets see if I have any luck here!!!!

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz
Video Card: Geforce 8800ultra
Motherboard: ASUS P5N32-E SLI
RAM: 2 1gb G.Skill ram sticks
Hard drive: Samsung 500gb hard drive
Windows Vista 64x
PSU: Corsair 620w

I went as far as reformatting the whole thing thinking maybe drivers from my old motherboard could be the culprit, but it seemed to have no effect. Now I'm completely at a lose, I've tried running memory diagnostic tools, doing disk cleanups. I've checked the temperatures on everything, and the hottest I've ever seen the CPU get is 44c

I guess it's important to go into a little detail of what happens though. It's a hard lockup, only thing I'm able to do is hold the power button down until it resets. Now this seems to happen almost at anytime but I've noticed a few specific times where it happens the most. If I leave the computer idle for awhile it will freeze often when the screen saver pops up, and whenever I try to play any games it will most definitely freeze after only 20 minutes or so. Thats not to say it doesn't happen other times however, but these seem to be the most recurring times. One thing I thought was a little odd was that when I looked at my memory usage under the task manager it never goes below 40% even when I'm not running any programs and I wasn't sure if this was high or not.

That about covers all of it I guess. The only ideas I have left are maybe its a RAM issue, because G.Skill RAM isn't actually on the approved RAM list for Asus, but I was assured it would still work. Would rolling back my video drivers have any chance of fixing it? I honestly have no memory if these issues started occurring after I updated them or not. And if worse comes to worse maybe I could find a copy of XP to try instead of vista.

Few little things to add,

1. I've run multiple memory diagnostics for many hours at a time and none have come back with any problems.

2. Here's an abbreviated form of the message I got from the BSOD I've recieved a few times

A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within an allocated time interval
Disable BIOS memory option such as caching or shadowing
STOP: 0x00000101, a lot more numbers. Not sure if they're important or not

-I've had it suggested that this would indicate a buggy bios or RAM, but I'm not actually sure what to do about that or if its even correct.

3. I've also been told that its possible that vista is having issues with my video card, but I'm not sure what exactly could be done.

4. A final suggestion I've recieved is to change the clock rate and memory speed for nVidia based graphic card. I have no idea how to do this.

Sorry for the length, just wanted to get as much complete information out there as possible.

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A few choices

by jmgarvin In reply to Computer locking up

1) Have you overclocked? If so, don't...see if that fixes it.
2) Heat...Does your machine run for less and less time as you try to use it?
3) Try a Linux boot disk and see if the problem persists...It may be Vista...or not?

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CPU Lock up

by Travler92 In reply to Computer locking up

I have heard of a few people with htis problem. Using different CPUS, this may be a BIOS issue?

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