Computer locking up

By paulpass ·
Hi - Im in the process of troubleshooting a
3Ghz P4 that locks up after running anywhere from
2 hours to 30 hours. The lockup does not occur running in safe mode. The OS is Xp Pro Sp2, HD is a new 350Gb WD and OS just installed - very
little extra software was installed. If it runs
okay in safe mode would that discount some of the
hardware being a problem? Mobo , CPU, HD temps
are all quite satisfactory. 1 GB of Ram made up
of 2 512Mb sticks passed the memtest86+ test
but still ran the PC with each one individually
in each of the 4 slots and still the lockup occurred.... Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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If you have ALL the updates...

Then it could be your "temp" files, download this software for a check up:

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer locking up

Even though it runs fine in safe mode, I'm not sure that that rules out any of the hardware for the specific problem this system has. You don't load drivers in safe mode, so you don't exercise much of the hardware. Also, the CPU and RAM almost idle in safe mode.

I would start by reseating the CPU and RAM. Along with fresh thermal compound on the CPU and check or replace the CPU fan.

Clean any dust off as you go.

Next, I would run the performance monitor and see if free RAM is decreasing, virtual memory usage goes up, or CPU cycles climb to try and track down the culprit.

On the hardware side, I would inspect the motherboard for any evidence of leaking or bulging capacitors. Check with the motherboard manufacture for a hardware monitor program. If they have one, install it and monitor fan speed and the CPU voltages.

I would not rule out a failing power supply.

While this system does not have the "classic" symptoms, there is a strange bug with some P4 CPUs and XP SP2. Check for a BIOS update that specifically address SP2 lockups and / or install SP3.


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Any Error Messages?

by willcomp In reply to Computer locking up

When it locks up, does the screen freeze, does it reboot, or is there a BSOD with error message?

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Check the Motherboard

by yodamacc In reply to Computer locking up

Check the motherboard, directly around the processor and ram slots. Do this right after normal use and after the machine locks up. Look for any indications of buldging capacitors or extreme heat on them.

I've seen xp machines start to lockup just before a motherboard goes, but it could be the processor too. Good luck.

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Have a look in at the event viewer

by ComputerCookie In reply to Computer locking up

this should tell you what happens to freeze the computer.

If you double click on errors it will give you the option to get a fix from MS.

Post back if you any queries.

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