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computer locks up and sometimes restarts

By SystemCheck ·
i have a asus p5n32 e sli mobo with intel core2 duo 3.00 cpu 535w psu with for fans running at 2000rpm. when i wake up pc run for about 1.5 hours then freezes on me or restarts then after the restart or me manually restart (cause it froze) it'll become more frequent. today i noticed like right now that the cpu is running at 155degrees fareinheit, gpu (xfx gts 250 1gb) is running at 130, mobo 116, this all started about 4 days ago out of the blues, new cant play games or anything for long. could someone tell me what is broken? So far i have replaced the thermalpaste on the cpu (which seemed alittle thin), yet cpu temp is at 161 now, i do know its an over heating issue, just dont know what is causing it.

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WAY too hot

by jck In reply to computer locks up and som ...

155F is too hot even at load. that's almost 70C.

a) get some Arctic Silver 5 and try reapplying the TIM again.

b) make sure your heatsink is clean

c) make sure the fan is pulling air well across your CPU

d) make sure the case filters/meshes aren't clogged and your fans are bringing in adequate airflow into the case.

e) check to make sure that your CPU Volts is set to the factory default, as are your clock speed. overvolting causes more heat as does overclocking.

If you're running anything smaller than a 120mm HSF, get a 120mm. Even the Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer 120mm for Intels is good and it's plenty cheap.

Hope it works out for you. Good luck.

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by SystemCheck In reply to WAY too hot

did all the about like twice yesterday all cleaned out like its brand new all settings to factory default. all it did was lower cpu temp 4 degrees f. do you believe it would be the mobo or the cpu.

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2 cents

by ---TK--- In reply to all

First I would think a duel core running at 3.0 is going to run hot in the first place... Probably around 55-60C stock, so the first thing I would do, is get an aftermarket heatsync + a faster fan. What is the model of the CPU?

As far as your GPU's and system, those temps look about normal (to me).

I would look at the "recommended" settings for your CPU, and memory... your Motherboard might be overclocking them, with out you knowing about it. So check out what is recommended, and then check what the BIOS is setting them at. Then make the correct changes...

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1 penny... lol

by ---TK--- In reply to 2 cents

After reading through a few reviews... 20 pages of 48, on this motherboard, there were a few things that was talked about more than a few times.

Watch/check the voltages on the RAM, apparently this board has a tendency to under volt your ram. Which will cause system instability.

The north bridge will get very hot, a couple people have placed fans on it, which helped. also like JCK stated... If you do not set the heat sync properly, your CPU will cook (stated more than once)...

I would also look at your BIOS version, apparently asus has released a few updated versions...

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by SystemCheck In reply to 2 cents

would something like this just start happening on its own cause the computer has been running like this for about three years just fine except for the upgraded gpu and ram which was about a month ago, which ran fine after that

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i don't think either

by jck In reply to all

if it was your mobo overvolting your CPU, it would report in the diags/monitors in your bios.

If it was your CPU, it would have fried if it was unstable like that and putting off a lot of heat.

not that i'm talking down to you or anything, but i don't know how familiar you are with applying TIM and what not. So, this isn't meant as an insult or anything.

When you put TIM on the CPU, first make sure to clean both the CPU and the HSF completely and have a shiny surface on both.

When re-applying, make a bead about the size of one green pea on the top of the CPU. Then using a flexible flat item (such as a clean, plastic coated business card), smooth the paste across the whole surface of the CPU as thinly as possible.

Then when seating the HSF onto the CPU, remember not to pull the HSF back up from the CPU and TIM, or it can cause an air pocket in the TIM which will drastically reduce thermal dissipation.

And again, getting a new, good, cheapy HSF like the Sunbeamtech 120mm might not hurt as a last resort if nothing else does the trick.

Hope it works out for you.

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Just set overclocking to low

by ronilo_tadlejr In reply to computer locks up and som ...

maybe 5 notches down or 7 this could make your pc more relax...

try to overclock it down.

this is what i do when i encounter some pc which is the same as your complaint.

keep it cool dude.

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just tried that late last nite

by SystemCheck In reply to Just set overclocking to ...

i cut every thing down was able to get the cpu temp down and steady at 130 - 139 mobo to 118 but then about 30 min later it froze again. the only thing i can think of is the mobo or the cpu is broke.

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