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Computer Management won't see desktops

By srd ·
When using Computer Management / Action / Connect to another computer, I am able to see a list of all the PCs but, am only able to connect to one of them. [servers and desktops are all w2k]. Other desktops, it looks as though I am connected until I try to expand a folder, then I get an "Access denied" error. With another desktop, I get the immediate "Computer cannot be managed. The network path was not found".

I have found previous questions and answers on this topic, and, have searched theMicrosoft KB. All the suggestions have been followed:
Microsoft: turn on File and Print Sharing
Q and A: Check to see the RPC service is running.

It was when I enabled both the RPC and the RPC Locator services, and, set the properties / logon / to allow service to interact with desktop that I gained access to the one PC that I can now manage. Making these changes on another desktop however had no effect.


Also, we have two domains, two servers. It is only from one server that I can completely access the one desktop. From the other, the RPC changes allowed me to get to the "looks like your in" phase, but trying to check a folder yields the "Access denied" error.

This sounds confusing even to me, I hope I haveexplained it in a way that someone who knows the topic can understand.

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Computer Management won't see desktops

by Joseph Moore In reply to Computer Management won't ...

Do you have Admin rights to both domains? You might need that in order to connect with Computer Management.
Also, make sure the systems that are not letting you connect are not too restricted by Group Policy and/or Local Policy Settings. There is an Advanced right called Acces This Computer From The Network. It is possible to lock even administrators out from remotely connecting to a machine if you tweak this right too much.

hope this helps

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Computer Management won't see desktops

by Gigelul In reply to Computer Management won't ...

If you use a domain admin account try to add this account in <administrators local group> on workstations (if not exist).

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Computer Management won't see desktops

by srd In reply to Computer Management won't ...

We think that perhaps this might be an Active Directory issue - thoughts?

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