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Computer Model Season

By jmhecht ·
I work in a computer retail store. We seem to have a lot of discontinued items as our stock. Is there a model year for computer systems as there is for cars?



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by TheChas In reply to Computer Model Season

Not exactly.

In fact, on the retail level, computer models have a life span of around 3 months.

New CPUs, graphics cards, memory, hard drives, and optical drives are released on an ongoing basis.

As newer, faster, cheaper devices come on the market, existing PC stock becomes obsolete. At least in the market place.

Since the mid 1990's, there has been a "standard" price for an entry level PC. Right now, that price is around $500 (US). Every 2 to 4 months, the specifications of the entry level PC grow as component prices drop, or manufactures stop producing older components.

In the retail environment, a store with a lot of older PCs has an inventory control problem. That is, they are buying PCs faster than they can sell them.

To succeed in retail, you have to be able to predict consumer demand, and be willing to quickly discount merchandise as it becomes obsolete.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Model Season

Chas has hit the nail on the head pretty well although I would be looking at a slightly longer shelf life for pre built computers probably from 3 - 5 months as the current crop of Computer Makers have a lead in time of at least 3 months for new technology. But even one model that is produced for a long time will have quite a few different parts on the insides so even model numbers are no guide to how old that these things are.

Just keep this in Mind Intel & AMD update their CPU's every 6 months and the big system builders buy in bulk at a price that they are willing to pay the component makers and when they run out of one set of components they just change the specs around for the next production run.

Things are only going to get worse though as currently Dell is working toward a 2 day turn around to build computers for individual customers in an attempt to compete with the specialized computer builders who are making a killing on systems that are not pre built and you then have to either pay to have what you want installed or work around the short comings of the box that you bought.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Computer Model Season

i usually see a lot of close outs before christmas (like now and next month) and also after christmas. is that what you mean?

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