computer monitor will not start back up.

By pikleking23 ·
Whenever I get on my computer and i shut it off and i try to get back on it the monitor (an LCD monitor) says that it can't connect to the computer. However when I wait about an Hour and I turn it back on it connects. What is the deal with that? it really bothers me for i can not restart my computer for a windows update or anything... Does anyone have a solution? thanks

The message actually says:
self diagnostis:
No signal
check connections

also, When I restart the computer it has about a 2 second long beep and then this message is displayed


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Please see OH Smeg's post of 1 June'08

by nepenthe0 In reply to computer monitor will not ...

The symptoms you describe suggest a failing power supply.

Rick/Portland, OR

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As well that beep is a Error message

by OH Smeg In reply to computer monitor will not ...

Specific to your Computers BIOS so unless we know who made the computer and it's Model or the brand & Model of the M'Board in it No one can tell you what the BIOS Error message is trying to tell you.

However you can look this up for yourself here

As for your computer not restarting if you unplug the mains lead does it still not restart? I would think that it will but you need to clear any problems introduced by a Dirty PS before you can continue.

But still every time that I've ever seen a error message like that it's always been a shot PS that has caused it but you still need to check other things before doing anything.

OH if you really want a solution to needing to constantly restart the computer because of Software or OS patches this is very easy. Dump the Virus called Windows and use Unix, Linux or BSD none of those require constant reboots because a small change has been made to the OS or a application. They just load and go. But somehow I don't think that's what you wanted.


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