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computer monitor

By krazyrina86 ·
What is the difference between a flat screen monitor and a conventional monitor?

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computer monitor

by TimTheToolMan In reply to computer monitor


Well, the flatness of the screen obviously...

A Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is basically a big vacuum bottle with phosphorus painted on the screen end and an electron gun at the back end.

The electron gun is at one spot in the middle at the back and it fires electrons out at the phospherous which momentarily glows. Then it fires another one next to the first and so on. It does that for each line. It does this so rapidly, that by the time the first dot stops glowing, it is being fired atagain...

The direction the gun fires is determined by an electromagnetc field that changes a little with each electron that is fired. Actually there are three guns and three sets on phosphor dots for a colour monitor...

OK... so much for a simple view on the mechanics...

If you fire all these electrons from a point, then they'll ideally want to land on the surface of a sphere - if they're all to take exactly the same time to get to the screen end.

The Flatter the screen, the harder it is to get the electronics right to enable the electrons to all hit the screen at the right spot at the right time - some are closer to the gun and some are further away...

Also a flat screen is inherantly weaker than a rounded one, hence more glass must be used to make it stronger.

Consequently flat screens are more expensive.

Hope that helps,

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computer monitor

by TheChas In reply to computer monitor

Tim gave you a very good technical description.

There are 2 types of monitors that are referred to as flat screen;
The flat faced CRT monitors that Tim described.
LCD monitors. These are basically notebook displays mounted into desktop stands.

From a "user" perspective, flat screen monitors are easier on the eyes than the "standard" rounded screen monitor.
For one thing, it takes only one adjustment to eliminate glare. On a rounded screen, there are multiple angles for glare to reflect off.

As to the LCD monitors, some users don't like them because of the narrow viewing angle.

In a corporate setting, LCD monitors can pay for the extra up front cost in electricity and cooling cost savings.


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computer monitor

by krazyrina86 In reply to computer monitor

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