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    Computer MOT 1.4 Won’t Install


    by craig dedo ·

    Today I tried to download and install the Computer MOT 1.4 utility that TechRepublic told me about in an e-mail message today. The download worked properly but the downloaded executable did not install properly.

    When I tried to run the install program, Computer_Mot.exe, I get an error message:
    Computer MOT: error
    Could not create folder “C:\Program Files\Computer MOT”,
    Access is denied.

    This message shows at least 2 design flaws in the program.
    1. The install program does not allow the user to specify the directory into which the installed software package should be installed. Instead, it insists on choosing the install directory for me.
    2. Apparently, the install program needs to run with special privileges. Instead, the install program should run with regular, ordinary privileges.

    Please correct these errors and post a new, corrected version on TechRepublic.

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      TR didn’t write the app

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Computer MOT 1.4 Won’t Install

      Nor in any way suggest that you use it.

      They have just added it to their Software List and if you have a complaint with the software you should contact the Author of the app not a place with little to no relation to it. 😉


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