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Where have all those Pree 1990 Computers gone, do you remember your 1st Computer,are any members still using their 1st Computer, or is it under the House with the rest of your old Junk, do you remember Windoes 1.2
ore DOS 3.1 , lets have a discussion on our memories of our early attempts at Computing, I have started a web site at
My 1st computer in 1997 was an IBM PC
Lets Talk, Robin.

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First PC

by SyscoKid In reply to Computer Museum

The first PC I was introduced to was at work in 1988, it was a Telex 286 with 1 meg RAM and a kickin' 20 meg hard drive, running DOS 3.2, I believe. I turned it on and it booted to a prompt. It didn't do anything else, and I didn't know what to donext. I thought "This is pretty useless!"

We kept some of those things running up till '97 or 98.

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MyComputer Musrum Update

by stationmaster In reply to Computer Museum

My Online Museum has been moved to a better server
and moore info has been added, if you have anything to add please let me know.
1. Your 1st Computer
2. your 1st Operating System
3. Your Favourite Dos Program
4. Your Favourite PC Program
Asloif someone requires an old PC or MS/Dos Program to load any of their old Files Please let me know.
New Museum Site :

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