Computer name changes and printer problems

By jon.fuller ·
I just recently underwent changing the names of 3 of the 7 computers that are on our domain. I have 3 printers set up locally, 2 on PC1, one of the computers that had a name change and the other on a computer that hasn't changed, PC2. I made the name changes lastnight and now at least 2 of the computers can't connect to the 2 printers locally connected to PC1. I am getting an error message saying 'windows could not connect to the printer.' I have no problem connecting to the printer attached to PC2. I am wondering if i need to re-install the printers on PC1? Also why not all computers are having troubles connecting to PC1's printers?

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Check your share path

by IC-IT In reply to Computer name changes and ...

On the other computers that connect to the shared printers. If the old share path was
\\oldcomputername\HP4250, you will need to change it on the computer that wants to print i.e. \\newname\4250.

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The easiest thing

by Kenone In reply to Computer name changes and ...

is just to delete the printer and then re-add it and browse to it. You can keep the old driver, just the path changed.

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by jon.fuller In reply to The easiest thing

I have deleted and re-added the printer and the path has changed on all of the computers but i am still having problems. Just to give you some background, i decided to change the computer names because we have undergone some changes in staff and wanted to update the computers to reflect the current staff. One of the staff members moved to a different office and was given a new computer, but the old computer was still named after him (Domain-Name). I changed the name of the old computer to the new staff member (Domain-Name -> Domain-New Name) and then changed the name of new computer to the name of staff member using it(Domain-Name). I am wondering if by using the name of the old computer (Domain-Name) as the name on the new computer that might be the reason for the issues even though i have deleted the old user accounts in Active Directory? There has also been very little consistency with other users being able to connect to the printer on the new computer (Domain-Name). Before the name change there was no problems with printing...

Thank you for your help.

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When you changed the computer name

by IC-IT In reply to OK

did you disjoin it from the domain?
You can disjoin and rename at the same time, but you can not join and rename togather. This will cause all kids of chit.

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Have you re-booted your systems and restarted the printers?

Re-boot your systems and then shutdown and re-start your printers.
This should fix your issue.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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