computer network problem

By sumanjali r ·
Suppose a TCP message that contains 2048 bytes of data and 20 Bytes of TCP header is passed ro Ip for delivery across two networks of the internet.The first network uses 14 byte headers and has an MTU of 1024 bytes;the second uses 8 byte headers with an MTU of 512 bytes.Each networks MTU gives the size of largest ip datagram that can be carried in a link frame.give the sizes and offset of the sequence of fragments deluvered yo yhe network layer at the destination host.assume all ip headers are 20 bytes.......iam noy able to solve this pls help me

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You really should do your own Homework

by OH Smeg In reply to computer network problem

Otherwise how do you expect to learn these things?

Much more importantly who do you think will carry you when you try to work and are supposed to know this?

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