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By nocogeek ·
I am looking for suggestions about a resource I can use to establish a network connecting computers at geographically dispersed locations. (I have set up both wired and wireless networks at home and at family locations but now need to try to interconnect those home networks without the use of servers). Some initial research leads me to believe that a peer-to-peer network is what I would need to establish so I would appreciate any suggestions for literature that would guide me through the process. Just to complicate things a bit more, the network would contain both PCs and Macs).

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by robo_dev In reply to Computer Networking Over ...

Using the term peer-to-peer confuses the issue since P2P is used for file sharing.

Interconnecting networks involves the use of encrypted communication, which means an IPSEC VPN.

This is more typically done for businesses and not residential users, but it can be done.

Basically what you need is a broadband connection with a static IP address and VPN routers that can support the number of connections you require.

You configure VPN tunnels between the separate sites through the VPN routers.

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Thanks, Robo-Dev

by nocogeek In reply to VPN

I appreciate tthe quick response, Robo-Dev. I'll start looking at reference material to see if I think I can do that. This is as much so that I'll learn something as it is a way for my family computers to get networked so I'm anxious to do the research.

Thanks, again.

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Thank you 1bn0

by nocogeek In reply to http://compnetworking.abo ...

Your quick reply is greatly appreciated, 1bn0. I'll be studying the site you provided to see if this is feasible for me to do.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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