Computer networking.

By phighton ·

I'm looking for some tips on setting up an network for a small business using Apple.

Its a small design company with 9 workers and we want to have computers set up and printers etc

Is there a plan of action layouts etc that we could use ?



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What exactly do you want?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer networking.

Will there be a Server in place? Or do you just want to share a Internet Connection so that they can all get their E-Mail?

As Apple use the BSD OS System you really need to be specific here as to what is expected or wanted before you even start to think about pulling any wire.

Also will they be sharing Files or what?


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for all office users

by phighton In reply to What exactly do you want?

We are looking at setting up a server with an intranet so all staff can access the internet, email, documents etc.

I was told that the industry standard is ethernet instead of wireless because its more reliable is this correct ?



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Well it's a lot easier to secure and faster

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to for all office users

It would be my personal preference but then again I'm not privy to the actual Office.
However with the conventional Cable you will have a minimum of 100 MBS Bandwidth as apposed to 54 MEG with WiFi so the basic cable is about twice as fast.

I personally would have the server fronting everything to the Net and then all the Internal Workstations hanging off the server. Some form of Linux or BSD running on the server with 2 NIC's so that you can connect the Modem to 1 and the Internal LAN to the other.

BSD may be the better option if only because the Mac's use BSD so that the people using the system will be more familiar with that OS. Though that may not be a good thing.

Lets know if you need anything else.


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Thank you

by phighton In reply to Well it's a lot easier to ...

Thx alot for your help.


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