Computer no longer boots up...?

By Jay Purple ·
It's had this problem before; I'm merely trying to troubleshot the problem. One of my computers has some problem where if there's a brown-out or power failure it will not, I repeat not, boot up again for at least a week. PSU tested and not faulty, everything's okay, it boots, fans spin, HD and power lights come on, but does not beep or start.

It's recovered from this many times in the past; but like I said, I'm trying to figure out what the problem could be.

Thanks for any help again,

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Well assuming that this is a Desktop system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer no longer boots ...

I would clear the BIOS and then see if you can start the unit up to enter the BIOS and reset it.

At the very least you'll get some idea of what is happening but you do need to get a display of some sort on the screen.


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Clearing BIOS

by Jay Purple In reply to Well assuming that this i ...

It has an Asus (something something) -VM; I've looked up tutorials online on how to do this and it apparently has no jumper pins that you can clear it with; Leaving the CMOS battery out for 2 days would naturally clear it too but alas it did nothing.

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HD light stay on?

by oldbaritone In reply to Computer no longer boots ...

I'd check the PSU for the 4- or 6-pin CPU Power lead, make sure it has power. I had similar symptom when I forgot to plug the CPU power lead back in. (Oops) ;-)

If HD light stays on, it may be a corrupted read from the drive - I've seen those take an hour or more to fail before the system figures out it can't be accessed. It just keeps retrying every 15-30 seconds. Maybe try pulling the data cable off the drive and see if it comes back to the "no boot device" error; that would isolate it to the HDD in that case.

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try pulling

by Sue T In reply to Computer no longer boots ...

out the network card. I had that work for me if the computer had been hit by lightning.
good luck.

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Try pulling....

by jdensmore In reply to Computer no longer boots ...

Pull the network cable out for 20 mins (not sure what this does but at my last job it was a solid go to, also try pulling the Ram out and reseating it. If none of these work one last physical thing to try is to disconnect everything and reconnect it. Seems like a lot of work and unneccasary but It has worked for me in the past! Good Luck!

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Reseating the RAM

by Jay Purple In reply to Try pulling....

Have done this; it plays continuous beeping noises indicating faulty RAM when it's removed so Mobo and CPU should be fine.

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I hate to state the obvious but I'm going to.

by Ron K. In reply to Computer no longer boots ...

You're leaving your computer exposed to brown-outs and power fluctuations. Line conditioners are fairly inexpensive. Save your computer from those conditions and you won't have that problem. <br>
There, I got that out of my system.

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Error codes?

by cbnsingram In reply to Computer no longer boots ...

Depending upon the manufacturer the computer may be displaying diagostic codes to you.

For example, DELLs have tiny diagnostic lights on the front of their desktops. These lights flash in patterns upon startup to indicate errors such as bad memory, etc. Sometimes these codes are provided as a pattern of beeps, but then you say you get no beeps.

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