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computer not accessible on workgroup

By vandersee ·
I've got an XP Home pc and an XP Pro pc linked by a home workgroup. When running the network setup wizard I made the Home pc the primary and the Pro pc the secondary. I've shared the My Documents folder on both PCs for easy access to these folders and I've also shared a printer which is connected to the XP Home pc.

My problems are as follows. When I go to My Network Places on the Home pc I can see and access the shared My Docs folder from the Pro machine, but when I go to View Workgroup Computers I only see the one I'm on.

Conversely, when I'm on the Pro machine I can't see the shared My Docs folder from the Home pc but I can see both PCs when I click View Workgroup Computers. However when I try to open the Home PCs icon I'm told I can't access it because the network path was not found.

I've observed that I can ping the Pro machine (both by IP address and Computer Name) from the Home machine, but when I try pinging the Home PC from the Pro I have success with the IP address but a message that says "Ping request could not find host ....." when trying to ping the computer name.

Also when trying to install the printer on the Pro pc the install wizard can find the workgroup but not the printer.

I hope someone can help because it's got me beat.


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i hope so too

by DownRightTired In reply to computer not accessible o ...

ive been encountering this problem of and on for years. Is one of the computers(or both) wireless? Dont have an answer to the question. One workaround i have found for at least accessing a shared folder is to go to network places and add a network place then put in the ip and share name ie: \\\sharename

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Check the following

by samyali202 In reply to i hope so too

Hi Paul!!
1.Check windows firewall on both Computers
and then tuen it off on both computers.
2.enable defulat shares from Windows Registry
3. Disable any firewarll or any warm protections on both PCs

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Work Groups between platforms

by Henry In reply to Check the following

Run the network wiz for the pro machine. take that file, that it promps you to make if you like and run it on the home machine. Also share a folder. Depending on your DNS it may or may not show Icons. But the shared folders should.

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in all these years ive never tried that

by DownRightTired In reply to Work Groups between platf ...

many times ive went and unistalled my network card then went through the whole network wiz but Ive NEVER done that option to make a disk from it. Not just in this situation but ever. What does it do anyway? lol. In our case this time it turned out this time to be a wireless router issue. I hate wireless!

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Wireless - Cannot access workgroup

by andy.barnes In reply to in all these years ive ne ...


I have also got the same issue, it is a wireless problem and possibly with my router. It all went wrong after I upgraded to latest firmware for the router. All computers work perfectly over ethernet.

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by DownRightTired In reply to Wireless - Cannot access ...

this is one of those problems you wont find a definitive answer too. It just seems to happen, wkgrps dont like wireless. The first thing to check is to make sure you can ping the other pc.If not its a connectivity problem and most likely not windows fault. Ive come to the conclusion it generally has to do w/ the wireless router. Check the website you dloaded the firmware from and see if theres any documented bugs or possible problems. If you are able to ping you could try mapping a network drive(see prev post) but thats kinda a pain. Other than that heres some things i would do. Try powering off the router and also disable your network cards. Wait about 60 seconds and start the wireless. YOu may even wanna reboot the pcs while youre waiting on your router (but disable the cards first). After the routers up and ready re-enable your network cards one at a time. Double check the settings to see if they are same workgroup. I would maybe even try changing the workgroup name on both of them. If this doesnt help any then I would unintstall/reinstall the net cards and then re-run the network setup wizard. But then again if you werent having any problems before the firmware upgrade, roll back to the previous. This isnt really an ordered list but a suggestions of things I would try. The firmware although its is most likely the problem would just be the last thing I would do because im lazy about things like that. Hope somethin helps, let us know if/how u get it resolved.

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