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Computer not accessible over network

By stargazerr ·
A simple enough problem this time. My mind has turned to mush. Maybe because I am still at the office ...

I have connected 2 computers to the hub. They are both on the same workgroup. Both are windows XP Pro .. (blech) ... Folders are shared. But when I try to access them I get a computername not accessible error.

I have tried enabling local user access from the registry. Turned XP firewall off for both computers.

Help !!!

Thanks in advance

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by jodym In reply to Computer not accessible o ...

Have you checked their ips?

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Check IP Address and Mask

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Computer not accessible o ...

and then check all the settings in the Network Connestion Properties - just make sure that they are the same. Check that the computer names are different. And also check if they each have an account for the other on each - although this should not be a problem, it often is.

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by stargazerr In reply to Check IP Address and Mask

Computer names are different. Workgrup is same. What do you mean by having an account on the other for each?


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XP will not allow access to resources

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Checked

unless you are logged in - this means you have to access through a log in ID that is recognised by the machine with the resource you wish to use. For example:

Machine A named 'Sales' user logged in is 'Ralph'

Machine B named 'Stock' user logged in is 'Harry'

Ralph wants to use a shared file on 'Stock' - XP will not permit access unless there is a user account on 'Stock' for 'Ralph' that has the same password as the one he uses on 'Sales' and the resource is shared. When 'Sales' tries to access 'Stock', 'Stock' will ask 'Sales' for a valid user ID and password and check the user ID accounts on 'Stock' if not found, no access.

It is possible to set them up so that you could have the user account match the computer name - never managed that one myself but seen it done. Thus any user on that PC can access the other.

In a general work environment it access is controlled through a domain server that has all the logon IDs etc and give the approvals.

Peer to peer network is a bugger in XP as you have to change passwords on all machines when you change them. Simple file sharing is supposed to make this need for used ID not needed, but I have very rarely seen it work that way.

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Not so

by rob mekel In reply to XP will not allow access ...

if the folders/directories are accessible for the workgroup members.


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Works in a domain situation but rarely in P2P

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Not so

I have worked on over a thousand computers using Win XP (mostly Pro, some Home) and I have never seen a P2P installation that will allow access to resources or folders on it without you logging in with a valid user and ID that is part of its local user list. I have seen general access to workgroup members in a domain managed situation but not P2P.

The best P2P set up for easy access that I have seen was four computers with the same user ID and password on each and the system was set to auto boot into that basic user ID. All the shared resources were mapped to each machine. After the set up it was just turn on and use.

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Local Security Policy

by mpaulino In reply to Computer not accessible o ...

3 things you can do....

1. Disable MS Networking and TCP/IP all together and reanable them. Test.

2. Change the workgroup name and the PC names. (Dont forget to share a folder or a printer) Test.

3. If those two don't work and taking into consideration that you have checked the obvious (Patch Cords and Hub - this is a good time to change ports in the hub) You should go into the local security policy in the computer administration and load the default security template that comes with windows.

That's all I can think of for now, given what you've stated...

Marcos PC

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Other Ideas

by multiplexed In reply to Computer not accessible o ...

Along with the previous mentions of

ensuring there's a user account on both machines
Shared Folder & NTFS Permissions

Try accessing \\ipaddress to log in. Then navigate to a share.

When logging in, log in as XXX\username
where XXX is the computer or domain name, and username is a user account on that machine.

Be sure you're not having problems with cached credentials.

In the local security policy, there's also a user right, "Access this computer from the network"

Also, it's a myth that all machines need to be in the same workgroup. They don't. You can have as many workgroups as you need, and any machine can access any resource in other workgroups. Workgroups are just that, "groups". They're not security boundries like a domain is.

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by hans In reply to Computer not accessible o ...

Presumably you have proven connectivity e.g. ping...

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the computers are connected allright

by stargazerr In reply to

Ping works fine. But I could not see the computer on the network and when i finally managed to ... It locked me out sayin that I dont have permission to access this computer ..


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