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Computer Not Booting

By rushil01 ·
I just replaced my new RAM memory in my PC. After installing it when I powered my computer ON, it stays powered but nothing happens. No booting. I can see that my hard drive starts as indicated by green light( light stops after couple seconds) and same for the CD-ROM, but nothing for floppy drive and there after nothing happens, no booting no OS loading. Did I do something wrong in installing RAM memory

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by In reply to Computer Not Booting

Are there any indication lights on the motherboard? and what kind of RAM is it?

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by master3bs In reply to Computer Not Booting

Always be sure to ground yourself before working with pc componants.

Doublecheck the requirements of your RAM. Be sure that your RAM is seated properly. Remove it and put it back in.

Also, try using the old RAM (assuming it worked) and see if the system boots. If not, best bet is the RAM is either not compatable or malfunctioning.

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by ctrservices In reply to Computer Not Booting

If you added the new memory stick alongside the old memory, they may be incompatible. Also, if you accidently touched the gold traces on the new chip, these may need to be cleaned.

Also, check to see if the new memory is detected in the BIOS.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer Not Booting

Remove the new DIMM and see if your computer now boots.

If so, the new RAM is NOT compatible with your motherboard.

This happens more often than you might think.

If the PC still does not boot, there are a number of things to check.

Start by making sure that the existing RAM module and ALL plug-in cards are fully seated in their sockets.

Make sure that all cables are firmly connected.

If it still does not boot, inspect the DIMM socket under magnification.
If you see bent or broken pins, that is the problem.

Did you unplug the power cord before installing the new memory?

On an ATX style system, there is ALWAYS power on the motherboard unless the power cord is unplugged.

Adding or changing components with power applied can damage just about any part of the PC.


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by w2ktechman In reply to Computer Not Booting

It sounds like an incompatibility or bad RAM issue.
But, there are some setups that require 2 identical RAM chips to be installed side by side, or other special config. Look through your MB documentation to determine if it is the right RAM, and what configuration will be needed for your chip.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Not Booting

If all the above fail to get a response remove the mains plug for about 30 seconds to allow the capacitors to discharge and then refit the plug with the power switch turned off on the PS if there is one and try again.
I would first try replacing the old RAM or removing the new RAM if the old RAM is still in the computer and see if you can get it to boot if it does then try replacing the old RAM with the new RAM and see if it still gets to the POST screen if it does on both sticks of RAM you have a Hardware Conflict with the different RAM which is a very common thing to happen so you'll need to use one or the other to work with if both actually work.

Whenever I upgrade existing RAM I always use the same Brand and spec RAM as a replacement or replace all existing RAM sticks just so I'm sure that there are no hardware conflicts that arise.


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by nazil dsouza In reply to Computer Not Booting


try removing the ram and switching you should now hears some ram beeps if so fix the new ram remove the power short the cmos for 10 seconds and refix it back to the same position and switch it on..... it should work

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by rushil01 In reply to Computer Not Booting

I did replaced my old RAM, but still the BIOS does not detect RAM, infact BIOS did not worked. Earlier while plugging new RAM, I did remove the power cord. Does this thing had created this problem. In short how do I get my PC BIOSing when I power ON computer.

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