Computer on carpet

By olivierb ·
I would like to know the disadvantages of putting a computer on a carpet. The computer is switched on almost all day long. Could it cause a breakdown due to electric static?

Thanking you for your response

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Various things to consider here . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer on carpet

I'm assuming you are talking about a Tower PC, as I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to put a laptop on a carpet.

Most tower units are designed to be floor-mounted but those with 'feet' are better placed to avoid problems resulting from static build-up. If you are concerned about static, seat the tower with a slab of wood between it and the carpet (an old shelf would suffice).

A more dangerous situation is placing it too close to a rear wall, not allowing for sufficient airflow for purposes of cooling the PSU.

You should also AVOID getting close to a floor mounted tower with an active vacuum cleaner. Vacuum Cleaners generate more static than you would imagine and banging against the casing of a tower with a vacuum can unseat various cards inside the case.

General rule of thumb: if you are going to move the tower, even if just a few minutes, SHUTDOWN and TURN IT OFF first. Hard drives do not enjoy being moved or bumped while active.

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There is always more dust near the floor

by seanferd In reply to Computer on carpet

Any carpet with a pile also tends to shed considerably. In a home with pets, there is hair. Computers will suck this stuff right in. People also tend to kick things on the floor if not placed well out of the way.
These factors may also apply.

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Static and Carpets

by TheChas In reply to Computer on carpet

The big issue with carpets and static electricity is not from a static object setting on the carpet, but from any form of shuffling motion across the carpet.

Your computer would be at the most risk of static damage when you place it on the carpet, move it on the carpet, or pick it up off the carpet.

As stated in the other answers, dust at the floor level is your biggest concern.

I have a situation where the only place for my tower was on the floor next to my desk. I built up a 12" tall shelf / stand to raise the computer up off the floor to reduce dust intake. I use the space in the shelf for storing computer manuals.

If you place a tower directly on any floor, plan on cleaning the dust out at least once a month. You can increase the time between cleanings by about 1 month for every inch you raise the tower off of the floor.


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