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By zabuddy ·
I was wondering if it's good to leave the PC on when not in use. Does this shorten the life of it or will it have no harm. People told me to turn it off and some people said to leave it on. I just need a straight answer, Thank you

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Straight answer,sort of

by petemcc In reply to Computer on/off

Leave it on if you want.Check your power option settings for hard disk and monitor turn off settings. Many modern solid-state appliances (like your TV)don't really shut off when you hit the power switch, they just go into stand-by mode.If you like to check your email or favourite news site first thing in the morning you won't have to wait for your system to boot. Of course if you're on vacation or gone for the weekend. there's no reason to leave it running . Keep in mind that PC's generate heatso don't leave them running unattended in a closed room w/ no AC in July. I've got four boxes on my home LAN and I pretty much do as I've described.BUT, if you feel better, shut'em down at night.

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It depends on your situation

by Brad Carroll In reply to Computer on/off

If you can't afford to replace your computer for a long time, or if you are in a situation where you upgrade computers rather than replacing them, then it is best to switch off the computer when it is not in use. There are 3 reasons for this:

1.It saves electricity (which is also good for the environment!)
2. It prolongs the life of the components
3. It reduces the risk of fire

There are some other condsiderations as well. For example, if a PC running Windows is shut down correctly then it automatically parks the HDD heads, which can help to protect your data.

If you do choose to leave your PC running (for example, if it takes a very long time to boot up), then at least switch off the monitor - this saves a lot of power and significantly reduces the fire risk.

One final thing to note is that many new PCs come with "Stand-by" features. This sounds like a good idea, but I have found that in practice this feature does not always work well and can cause your computer to freeze up. So if you have that feature you need to at least be aware of the risk of this happening, and if it worries you at all then disable the stand-by option.

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