Computer Only Starts In SAFE Mode. Tried everything. Nothing works.

By jlstrauss3 ·
I have a problem with an XP machine at my work that will now only start in Safe Mode. It started about a week after I did a repair install for a sluggish system. I originally fixed the problem with system restore, but it kept reverting to Safe Mode boots only after a few days. I checked the video drivers, and updates them. Still Safe Mode only. I rolled backed the drivers. Still Safe Mode only. Repaired the kernel; still Safe Mode only. Repaired the boot loader; still Safe Mode only. Tried system restore again and made a registry backup, and then waited for the system to go back to safe mode and then tried to install the backup, still Safe Mode only. Did system restore and turned off automatic updates to see if an update was causing it, and it still reverted to Safe Mode only. Checked the BOOT.ini tab in msconfig, safe boot was not checked. Checked the power supply, video card, ram module, everything was fine. Any more ideas from anyone? I hate to have to do a reformat and fresh install because it is a work computer and it will take forever to reconfigure all of the software.

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Will reconfigure take as long as you've already spent struggling? nt

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer Only Starts In S ...
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by nationjd In reply to Computer Only Starts In S ...

You could try putting in an XP install CD.
From there, try going to the repair heading for the problematic partition.
From There, when you get to a command prompt setup, type in "chkdsk /f" and wait. This may take a couple hours depending how large the hard-drive is.
This should help repair bad sectors on the hard-drive which could be impairing required performance.

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Well, now that you have it thoroughly confused....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Computer Only Starts In S ...

... and waisted all this time trying to repair a system which is beyond repair... It's time to bite the bullet and do a fresh install. You could have had it done by now.

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