Computer Power Problems

By michkibe ·
Hi everybody. i have a pc that have a problem. every morning when i put it on it boots well and loads even the operating system.
the problem comes when i try to do my work on the pc. The moment i click once, or i press any key from the keyboard the computer shuts down immediately ie the power goes off, when i try to restart the system, it does not start, its not getting power, i leave it for 30-2hrs and when i start it again, it will start and load fully, sometimes it doent restart for a whole day.
what could be the problem here. Assistance will be highly appreciated.

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Re: Computer Power Problems

There are three things that come to mind:
1. Electrical spikes. Solution: Get a surge
plug connecter protecter.
2. The power supply is not powerful enough
for your system or is failing.
3. Computer overheating due to dust build up
inside your system. Solution: Give your
computer a good clean out with a hoover
(ON LOW suction) PLEASE wear a wrist strap
when doing the above maintenance.

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