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    Computer powers on, but does not load.


    by aznalta ·

    Hello everybody, I have a problem getting my computer to start.

    When i power on the computer, there is no beep. My monitor light is orange and there is a blank black screen.

    The issue before was it didn’t power on, I changed the power supply and the computer now powers, but nothing else seems to happen.

    Fans works, i believe the HD is spinning, It’s a very old Athlon, i don’t know the specs. the computer was bought in 2000. the power supply is ATX supported.

    Could it still be the Power supply? or the mother board (mother board has light)?

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      by aznalta ·

      In reply to Computer powers on, but does not load.


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      Everything Seated

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Computer powers on, but does not load.

      The first thing to check when the system does not power up after changing the power supply is the 220 / 115 volt switch on the back of the power supply. These are often shipped set to 220 rather than the 115 we need in the US.

      The next thing to check is that all of the connectors are oriented properly and fully seated.

      Then, make sure that your video card and RAM modules are still fully seated in their connectors.

      Make sure that none of the drive power connectors are wired wrong. All should be Yellow, black, black, red.

      See if you can open the CD drive and if it will play a music CD. If so, then most of the power supply is working.

      Now, you are at the chicken and egg stage. Did the power supply fail because the motherboard failed? Or, did the power supply fail in a manner that damaged the motherboard?

      Short of swapping more parts, you can take a close look at the capacitors near the CPU socket. If any of them are bulging or leaking, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

      About the only other thing to check is the CMOS battery. Sometimes if the battery is weak, the CMOS RAM gets into a indeterminate logic state and the BIOS cannot interpret the CMOS data.

      I just replaced a similar age motherboard in my sisters system for a similar problem. I had swapped out everything with known good parts and still the system would not boot up. My POST card verified that the processor was not starting up.

      At 8 years old, I would expect that your CPU speed is around 1 GHz. Now is a great time for a full upgrade. Whether you buy a new tower, or build up a new system from parts, it will run much faster than this system did.


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        Check List

        by aznalta ·

        In reply to Everything Seated

        To make this easy to read, i’ll use a form of check list according to your steps;
        The computer still does not load.

        220/115 volt switch- checked

        Connectors properly seated- checked

        Video and memory- checked

        Power connectors- uncertain/please Inform me more

        Play Cd- checked:Cd opens, Does not play music.

        Bulging/leaking- checked

        CMOS batter- checked: I changed the battery.

        Yes, The computer is 1Ghz. What is a ‘POST’ card?

        The problem started when my father couldn’t power off the computer, so he unplugged the power cable. The computer shutted off and the computer wouldn’t power back on. That’s when i changed the power supply, it powers on but there is no beep and the computer does not boot. Please respond.

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          by computercookie ·

          In reply to Check List

          Power On Self Test

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          Your video card should post

          by computercookie ·

          In reply to P.O.S.T

          before the computer does, if it doesn’t post the best suggestion is the video card is stuffed!

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          How do i know if the video card post?

          by aznalta ·

          In reply to Your video card should post

          nothing appears on the monitor during power on, so i should try and change the video card?

          Also, i did some more experimenting with the keyboard and mouse, they don’t seem to power when connected to the motherboard.

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          by dreamtag ·

          In reply to How do i know if the video card post?

          do you get any beep wen you turn the pc on?
          if you do count how many beeps you do get.

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