Computer powers on but no Display

By Punnyman ·
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So I have probably done something dumb. I decided to replace my processor with a Ryzen 3 2200G, also ended up having to replace my motherboard with the same stock model as the one that I broke. After replacing the motherboard, putting the new processor in place, and putting on the cpu fan with paste applied, my desktop powers on with no display or beep codes.

I have done the following so far.
Reset the BIOS
Played with the memory stick(moving it to different positions, taking it out entirely)
Removed everything except for the power, motherboard, cpu.
Switched The monitor.
Tried switching from VGA to HDMI port
Plugged in speakers to try to the beep codes (didn't work)

The computer is a HP Pavilion 570-p000
CPU - Ryzen 3 2200G - AMD
Motherboard - Motherboard HP Pav 570 Willow2 AMD CPU AM4 Socket
Memory - MTA8ATF1G64AZ-2G6H1 Micron 8GB PC4-21300 DDR4-2666MHz

CPU -**13481
Motherboard -
Memory -

Any help is greatly appreciated
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So start with the easy things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer powers on but no ...

What happens if you do not fit any RAM to the M'Board?

If that doesn't do anything then does that M'Board support that CPU? The web site you listed doesn't list the supported CPU's.

Is the CPU Correctly fitted to the M'Board?

As AMD CPU's are more fragile than Intel ones are you sure that the CPU actually is working?

Does the Power Supply work and having a LED light up or a fan spinning doesn't mean it's working just that there is power on those 5 & 12 Volt Rails but doesn't mean that there is enough current. If you don't have a Power Supply Tester try a Known Good One doesn't have to fit into the case just plug into everything on the M'Board.

Is the New M'Board correctly fitted to the case you can short them out if the mounting lugs are not correctly placed and no fitting the same model M'Board doesn't mean that the mounting holes are in the same place always.

Are all the power leads plugged in correctly? Make sure that they are not only in the sockets but al the way into the sockets. Some are tight and have to be pushed into the sockets that they go into.

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Computer powers on but no Display

by jonesfill16 In reply to Computer powers on but no ...

How old is your computer?

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RAM issue probably

by help1563898615 In reply to Computer powers on but no ...

I've faced this issue many times but also got it fixed by cleaning and re-installing the RAM if it got moisture infected or not installed properly. Seems like you have already performed that and other possible fixes as so it can be a hardware issue.

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